Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Career Planning

We went to see Santa on Monday. Santa was great, spent a few minutes actually talking to the kids. Guess it pays to on a Monday afternoon early in the season – plenty of personal attention. There were only four people ahead of us in line and not too many behind us.

As we left Santa’s Snow Globe, we received a coupon for Chick-Fil-A. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and the kids never turn down a chance for French fries so we went to get a bite to eat after we played in the mall’s children’s play area. As we were eating lunch, the kids were discussing their latest career aspirations.

Bella has changed her mind and will now be a rock star. And a mom, because you can be two things. No more teacher for her!

Felisa has also changed her mind. She is now planning to be a horse rider. And a mom. Originally she was planning to only be a mom.

Ryan, not to be outdone, as decided to be a writer (which hasn’t changed) and to make money, he will be a ??? (oops - now I can't remember. check back for the answer!). I asked him what happened to his librarian job. He said he had forgotten about that one. When I reminded him that he used to say he wanted to be a Milkshake Maker he laughed. Clearly he had also long since forgotten about that one too!

In other news…

Ryan won first place in the Young Author’s contest! Yippee! Yahoo! Looks like “Boxy the Fat Pig” really is a winner. The look on his face when Ron told him was priceless. Amazement and excitement and joy. I’m so happy for him. Sets the standard high though for future writing!

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