Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heat Wave Expected

Everybody get ready for a heat wave... I'm ready for winter (finally) so I'm expecting a heat wave. Based on the fact that I spent about 3 hours yesterday sorting the rest of the summer/winter clothes and inventorying the winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. I am expecting a heat wave that should last at least a week or two! If only I were a faster worker...

In other news...

I am allergic (or sensitive perhaps) to sulfur. I had forgotten apparently. I always tell the doctor that I am allergic to septra when they ask for drug allergies. On a related front, I am generally not a fan of red wine. I'm thinking it must be because of the sulfites. Last night at dinner, Ron was drinking wine. I tasted it. I thought, oh that doesn't taste too bad. So I drank a little more. About an hour later, the headache started. A multi-point vise grip squeezing my head. Ouch! Not debiliatating but definitely uncomfortable. There's a bit of it still hanging on this morning.

Ryan's cookies won Best Tasting in his Den. It's a good thing they did because, seriously, these are the best cookies ever! And to prove my point, I've been eating them nonstop since last Wednesday night. Not good for the diet but oh so good for the taste buds!

I ran the Turkey Trot a week ago. 5K. My time was 30:36. About 45 seconds slower than last year but much faster than I felt like I was running at the time, especially with the minimal training I did this year. Maybe next year will be better.

Oh and I almost forgot this one - a tick. A big ugly disgusting deer tick (looks like this - the one at the top of the page and the one in the third row, last on the right) on the living room floor last night. Ryan found it first. Thought it was a shell. Picked it up. It moved. He freaked out a little then tossed it away. Told Ron and I about it (or so he says - neither of us heard him). A few minutes later, as I was walking through the living room I saw a bean or something on the floor. But wait - it has legs. That are moving. Eeeew! What is it!?! Put it in a bowl so I could look at it some more. I just could get over how big and bean like the body looked compared to the tiny legs at one end. Ron used his super information finding skills and found a picture. It was a tick, just as he had guessed. Then he made me kill it. I wanted to spray it with chemicals or something but he told me to use a shoe. So I sandwiched it into a paper towel, put on my shoe, and stepped on it. Bigger eeeewwww! The shell cracked and squished. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I'm getting a haircut today. I've decided that I like the new short hairdo and so does most everyone else so I guess I'll keep it going for awhile. After the haircut, I'm off to the Donut Store with Felisa to buy food for Thanksgiving. 7 adults, 5 kids, and lots of fun!

Now it's time to get these kids out the door to school!

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