Sunday, April 13, 2008

Going Under the Nail

I went along as moral support for a friend who wanted to get her naval pierced. Sounds crazy and painful and crazy painful to me but hey – I’m all about enabling and riding along on others’ journeys. To me some piercings are cute and some are just weird. Shani’s will be cute once she is healed and can switch her jewelry.

So I thought I was doing an excellent job of not grimacing or gasping in horror during the actual piercing. Apparently not. As we left, she asked “was it really that bad? I heard you suck all the air out of the room”. Oh. Um. Yeah. Sorry! So much for being supportive, eh? I think that it was mainly that I was unprepared for the size of the piercing tool involved. I was expecting a needle. What I saw was a nail. Like the ones I use to hang pictures on my wall. Ouch!

To celebrate the occasion we went to Target, bought Ryan a suit for 1st Communion, and shopped around the clearance racks for any other things we “needed”. Then we hit the bar at Artie’s for margaritas, salad, and tuna. Yum!

Good food, good times, and I can say that I have reconfirmed my desire to not ever pierce anything but my ears! I’ll just live vicariously through others, as usual.

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mapiprincesa! said...

Oh did an awesome job. I couldn't have even watched, so you are MUCH more of a woman than I will ever be, to come along and actually WATCH. Duuuuude. But keep in mind, I never have anything I get to tease YOU about, while you...well, let's just say you have plenty of ammo.

Thank you for your enabling. My kids love it. My tummy loves it. I'm getting used to it. It has become the Topic of Conversation among the AM kindergarten moms' pick-up line. And, in its own little way, a great way to get to know people! :)