Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Bird Sanctuary

I knew we had one nest with babies... turns out we have two more!

Uncle Mike was out exploring with Felisa today and found a turtle dove nest (conveniently located right next to my gardening tools!) with two eggs and a robin's nest in the pine tree out front. I'm so excited!


In other news...

Bella ate beef tonight! (Shhhhh... don't tell her!) Uncle Mike took us out for dinner at the chinese place. Miss Picky was still hungry after eating only rice and broccoli and reluctantly agreed to try Ron's chicken. He assured her that it was "inside chicken" and she ended up liking it. When he ran out of chicken, he slipped her a piece of brown chicken (a.k.a. beef!) and quickly looked away. She snarfed it right down and asked for more brown chicken!

She did eat some of Grandma D's roast beef a few weeks ago which was completely shocking to all of us. She tried some of mine this past Sunday and deemed that delicious as well.

Baby steps...

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