Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 – Friday – July 22, 2011

0530 Wake up. I seriously need to figure out a better way to turn the alarm off on my cell phone. Walk Darby then get ready to go.

0605 Get Ryan up.

0610 Meet Mom and the girls at Bob Evans for breakfast.

0730 The kids go to the IRS building with Mom for a little field trip. I go back to the hotel to load the car and feed Darby.

0826 Leaving the IRS building, all passengers aboard.

0834 McD’s to get an iced coffee for the the road.

0847 See a deer in the bean field eating breakfast.

0904 Driving on Route 66.

0930 Done with our stop in Lincoln, IL. We saw the largest covered wagon (complete with an Abe Lincoln statue driving), the park where Lincoln used to play ball, and the Courthouse where he served as a lawyer.

0947 See a Kitchen Cooked truck. Yum! Can’t wait for some yummy potato chips!

1013 Dead tree- nice one!

1018 In the cornfields again. Almost miss a turn. I think the corn confuses Jo. We were lost in the cornfields last year too!

1022 We get a free car wash from the corn sprinklers! A feature only found on the back roads.

1029 The song about taking the back roads comes on the radio – perfect timing!

1041 Havana, IL – made it back to Hwy 136 and across the Illinois River.

1047 Ran over a giant fuzzy caterpillar. At least, I think that’s what it was.

1111 See two trains side by side on the tracks.

1113 One of the trains honks its horn. Yikes! That scared me!

1124 Interesting program on NPR about ants.

1128 Stop at Burger King in Macomb for lunch.

1145 Grandma’s house!

Darby and Lady are co-existing pretty well. We go to Ponderosa for dinner. Back home we watch America’s Favorite Videos.

9:00 p.m. Bedtime!

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