Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 7

Day 7 – Sunday – July 24, 2011

0630 Darby wakes up. I ignore him until about 650 then I give up and take him outside. Then back downstairs to read until others wake up.

Coffee and breakfast.

Cartoon Network.

A thunderstorm rolls through so no trip to the park. Ron and Naomi don’t answer the phone so not sure if they have Tegan and Briley with them today. So looks like another quiet day around the house.

Lunch is ham salad, corn curls, cheese cubes, and Pringles. Donuts and thin mints for dessert.

I take Darby for a walk before it rains again, though it looks like the storm is headed out.


The kids have decided to change Darby’s name to Rover, to see if it makes a difference. He seems to come (or not come!) to both names equally.

Lana came to visit again and brought me an iced coffee from McD’s. Buddy tried to drink it so I told him he would be grounded from pizza and cheeseburgers for a month if he drank my coffee. Then I had to put him in timeout while he settled down a bit.

We went to dinner at the Chinese buffet. Delicious as always. Black pepper chicken – yum! After dinner we went to Kmart. Lana needed more tape for her bandages. Grandma needed more milk (we used it all!). I needed some Kitchen Cooked potato chips (I’m pretty sure I can squeeze two bags into the car). Bella decided she needed a new shirt. Felisa bought a candy bar (couldn’t find any other cute clothes besides what Bella bought). Ryan used his money from Lana to buy some beef jerky for the road.

Once back at the house I straighten and re-arrange the car a bit. Darby gets in because he doesn’t want to get left behind. I told him we weren’t leaving yet but he didn’t believe me. Back inside to pack the bags then more GSN before bed.

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