Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 – Saturday – July 23, 2011

0640 Darby wakes me up. Met the neighbor’s dog, Puddles, out in the backyard. Then back to bed to read while I wait for others to wake up.

0740 Girls are awake so we go upstairs. Coffee and breakfast.
Uncle Neal came by to visit so talked to him for a bit. Just as we are about to head out to the park, Ryan finally wakes up (10 a.m.!). I tell him to meet us there after he eats breakfast and gets dressed.

We only last about half an hour at the park because it is already hot and sticky. We spend the rest of the morning and afternoon inside with the a/c and the tv on.

2 p.m. Grandma goes to pick up Lana and bring her back for a visit. (She can’t drive with bandaged hands!)

Beef and noodles for dinner – yum! Then a little more GSN before Grandma takes Lana back home. Harry Potter is on tv but we’ve all seen it before and there are way too many commercials so we all give up and go to bed.

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