Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life - Day 2

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

0605 Wake up.  Ron is in the shower.  I was up at 0430 to use my inhaler.  Seriously wish I could sleep through the night without waking up wheezing.  Go downstairs to get coffee then crawl back into bed before Ron leaves for work.

0705 I guess I should work on typing up yesterday's notes of the day...

0729 Time to get up...  :(  I really don't want to!

0733 As I'm starting to move around I am feeling how sore I am from the workout yesterday.  Sore legs and abs.

0741 Going downstairs.

0742 Oh look - it's my day off!  All the kids signed up to buy lunch today so I don't have to make any lunches.  Yay!

0750 Since I'm not making lunch, I guess I should do something productive while the kids finish getting ready for school.  Fold some laundry.

0753 Oops- forgot I need to put the chicken in the crockpot before we leave.

0805 Time to go.  We are driving the Prius today since I have to take it to the dealer for an oil change.

0818 Drop kids at school.

0839 Panera in San Luis Obispo for a breakfast treat.  Coffee and a 4-cheese souffle.  Yum!

0851 Leaving Panera.

0855 Dang! I forgot to bring my shopping lists!  I knew I was going to forget.  Grr!

0858 Park at Target to wait for my appointment time.  Try to re-create my lists for afterwards.

0905 Ron called - testing my recall of userIDs and passwords.  I have the credit card number memorized and I can remember phone numbers easily (if I dial them myself -auto dial works against this super-power of mine for sure!) but this quiz was a bit of a stretch.  Hope I got them all right!

0912 See a guy carrying a flower that he must've picked.  Watch him walk across the parking lot.  He gets into a car where a girl is waiting.  Awwww... so sweet!

0915 List making is complete for the moment.  I can't remember everything.  Drat!   Now it is time to eat my cheese souffle and drink my coffee that is finally an acceptable temperature and no longer scorching hot.

0940 Checked my email and Facebook, won 2 games in a row of solitaire, and finished breakfast. Guess I'll head over to the Toyota dealer now.  Maybe they can get me in a bit early.  I really should learn to be more efficient with these morning windows of time.  When I made the appointment I figured I would have things to get at Target before my appointment but since I don't have my list and I don't want to spend money needlessly (you all know the Target $100 rule, right?) I decide to skip it.

0955 All checked in... just waiting now.

1035 Mission complete!  Off to New Traditions and Home Depot.  I was able to make good progress on my Flat Stanley picture selection while I waited so that will make Felisa happy.  She really wants Stanley to finish his scrapbook so he can go back to school!

1040 At Home Depot.  See a lady putting her dog in the cart, complete with bed so he is comfortable.  This seems to be a California thing because I haven't noticed it in other places.  Why do so many people bring their dogs into the stores with them?  They even do it at grocery stores!

1056 Found the bucket for Felisa's tomato plant from Brownies but no luck on the worm poop from Terracycle.

1100 At New Frontiers.  Run into a friend outside.  It's funny that she also calls it Whole Foods without even realizing it.  I told her I was glad to find someone else who thought it was so similar.

1123 Stop at Michaels to get tacky glue (the boy scouts used all we had to make their patrol banner a couple weeks ago) and found some felt flowers for Bella's mission project.

1138 Heading home.  It has started to cloud up.

1155 Home sweet home.  Time to put the groceries away.

12:00 p.m. Check my shopping list to see what I forgot.  Ear drops, juice, and gift bags - nothing too critical but still frustrating.

12:02 p.m. Check the laundry status.  Two loads are full.  Unload the laundry chute and Ryan's basket and check around Felisa's corner for other dirty clothes and now the dirty laundry is overflowing!

12:08 p.m. One load is in the washer.  I'm feeling hungry.  What's for lunch?

12:15 p.m. Travis calls asking questions about his upcoming trip to Chicago for work.  Unfortunately for him I never went too far from Evanston while at NU and don't know much about good places to stay (and bad places to avoid!) in Chicago.

12:50 p.m. My sewing projects today are not going well.  The patrol banner is fine but everything else is ending up a bit iffy.  I think it is time to eat!

12:51 p.m. Plug in my laptop to charge after my morning at the dealer.

12:53 p.m. Head out for lunch.

1:07 p.m. Carl's Junior.  Chili Cheese Fries - yum!

1:13 p.m. At the library.  Park and eat.  I am SO hungry!

1:22 p.m. Ahhhh... much better.  Now I can go find some libary books to check out.

1:52 p.m. Done at the library.  Have a message from Dr. Z that he needs help with boards of review at the meeting tonight.

1:57 p.m. Having a sweet craving- Starbucks time!  I do opt for decaf though in hopes of avoiding more crazy dreams tonight.

2:12 p.m. Home but only for 30 minutes.  It would've been better if I could've waited longer for lunch but oh well.

2:58 p.m. At school to pick up the kids.  Today's activities are track practice for Ryan, talent show practice for Felisa and for Bella.

4:44 p.m. Finally home from school.

Move wet clothes to the dryer and start another load.  Cook rice and broccoli to go with the chicken.  Kids are doing homework.

5:30 p.m. Dinner time.  Ron got home just in time.

5:50 p.m. Ryan does the dishes.  Ron takes the girls to volleyball practice.  I check email and Facebook, upload Bella's dance practice video for the other girls to watch, and print the campout menu.

6:45 p.m. Leave for the Boy Scout meeting.

9:00 p.m. Home from scouts.  A long meeting as I expected.  Lots of details to go over for camporee this weekend and 3 boards of review.  Ryan and Nick made Second Class tonight - yay!

Before bed I pick the meat left on the chicken while Ryan eats a toasted PB&J.  Felisa comes out to tell me her head hurts from getting hit with a volleyball.

9:30 p.m. Finally going to bed.  Tuesdays are tough!

10:00 p.m. Give up on the internet.  Nothing interesting going on.  Ron and I fall asleep to Doomsday Preppers.  The guy on tonight is wackier than most.

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