Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 13

Day 13 – Tuesday – June 19, 2012
0645 Felisa is awake.  I told her it is too early to be up so she goes back to sleep.  Of course, I’m awake now so I work on my blog typing for awhile.
0745 Brushing my teeth.  Out of the corner in my eye, in the mirror, I see something on the arm of my pajamas.  I look and see a giant grasshopper climbing up, almost to my shoulder.  Eek! Ick! Uck!  There is seriously some sort of bug conspiracy to give me a heart attack!
Get ready to go to San Antonio.
1000 Leave for San Antonio.  On the way we stop at AAA so Betty Lou can get some maps for her upcoming road trip.
Heading downtown for lunch at Mi Tierra.  We tried to follow the mapquest printout way but failed.  We tried the iPhone map way and failed.  We tried the gps map way but failed.  So finally we just went the Betty Lou way (which included driving straight from a left-turn only lane!) and we made it.
The food was delicious, the service was fast, and the decorations were great.  Yum! Yum!
After lunch we walked through the Mercado then drove to Mission Concepcion.  We found a street called Felisa Street near the mission.  Felisa did the Junior Ranger program while we were there and earned a badge.  We had the whole mission almost completely to ourselves the entire time we were there.  Just as we were walking out to take a picture by the sign out front, a bus pulled up and a bunch of people got out and walked into our picture area.  Darn!
We had originally planned to see two missions but it is already time to go to the airport and drop Dad off for his flight.
On the way home we stop at Barnes and Noble.  Each kid bought one book.  Ryan got the last book of the Kane Chronicles which he has been waiting for since it came out in May.
We stopped at Costco for gas.  $3.19/gallon.
Back at the ranch it was time for margaritas.  I got online to check maps and routes and things to do with Kim and Julie this weekend.  Ron said he can get a flight from Huntsville, AL on Sunday at 6.   Should we stay in Huntsville?  Do Birmingham first?  Stick to the original plan of Chattanooga first?  I just can’t decide!!!  I also have to figure out a modified plan for next week since we won’t be going to Pensacola anymore now that Ron won’t be with us.
We have a late dinner tonight.  Frozen pizza – yum!  I haven’t had pizza since before the CIA Bootcamp fitness challenge.  Cake and ice cream for dessert.  We have lots of ice cream left but we finished off the birthday cake.  We don’t finish dinner until 8:30.
After dinner I realized that I forgot to start the dryer earlier and my clothes are still wet.  Dang it!  The kids go to the barn to get ready for bed.  I wait for the dryer to finish while Betty finally gets a chance to look at the scrapbooks.
I give up waiting for the dryer to finish so I go to the barn to get ready for bed.  I call Ron.  I download my camera – 700 pictures so far this trip.  And at last – bedtime!

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