Saturday, September 02, 2006

Don't wake me up - I'm dreaming!

I read this post by Mir the other day and it illustrates perfectly what I am looking forward to, starting next week. Pure, uninterrupted time to do stuff. Any stuff really. Work stuff, scrapbook-for-me stuff, house projects (we'll start with the basic cleaning!), drinking coffee and reading blogs, etc. Whatever I want. And I'm envisioning great productivity because it takes a lot less time to finish things when you are not interrupted 50 million times. Just today I have spent at least 3 hours on 2 scrapbook pages. Could've done it in half the time without the interruptions. I know that reality will set in quickly and those 9 hours every week will evaporate in seconds and I will end up with little to show for it but it hasn't happened yet so I will continue to dream... And hold tight to those hours, for they are MINE!

Here's a quote from Mir's post...

And lo, it was quiet at home. It was peaceful at home! I worked for hours
without interruption. I ate chips directly from the bag and did not have to
share. My chair did not do a mysterious boogie across the room each time I got
up and left my desk for a minute. It was quite wonderful.
And the VERY MOST AMAZING PART is that with that time to sit down and focus—and not have to break up squabbling or ask why we’re playing in the sink or where are you going with THAT—by the time they got off the bus this afternoon, I was able to turn off the computer and not return to work (sans guilt) until after they went to bed. All summer I feel like I’ve been surgically attached to the computer, because it turns out that it takes a LOT LONGER to get anything done when you’re
interrupted every 15 seconds. Who knew?

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