Friday, September 01, 2006

Road Trip - Express Version

Time for another road trip, but this one will be MUCH shorter than the last. Barely qualifies as a road trip, really...

Any guesses of where my first stop was???

Day 1 - Wednesday - August 30, 2006

1048 - Starbucks. Need coffee for the trip! Did you guess right?

1054 -
Bella: Are we in Richmond yet?
Me: No. We have 2 hours to drive.
Bella: Boy you sure can drive a lot.
Ryan and Bella commenced a listing of all the states we had gone through on our last trip, plus a few that we missed (I think Ryan mentioned Michigan).

1058 - I have managed to get lost on the way to Wendy's (forgot which side of the road it was on and couldn't get across 3 lanes of traffic!) so did a loop through the dentist office parking lot. Had a couple worried passengers! Who has to go to the dentist?!? they worried...

1108 - Stop at Wendy's. They got my order wrong - not enough french fries, no straw, and after I went back to get a straw, I discovered that they had given me the wrong drink. Grrr!!! Called Allie for directions since I can't find the ones I used last time.

1134 - Traffic jam at 123. There is clearly no good time to drive without traffic issues in this large metro area. Blech. Traffic.

1223 - Felisa is sleeping but Ryan and Bella are NOT taking a nap like I told them to!

1224 - Darn! I forgot my camera.

1246 - Ryan asks Bella if she will give him half of her cookie. Never mind that he already ate an entire cookie of his own half an hour ago. And Bella being the nice sister that she is, gives him half.

1:10 pm - Stop at Memories Galore to check for paper for my baby book project.

1:30 pm - Arrive at Allie's. Mileage, approx. 145

Felisa has gone downhill on our drive today. What started out as an occasional cough is quickly becoming a constant cough with quick breathing and a hot, sweaty head. Not good when at the home of your germ-concious friend. Do you think she'll let us stay?

I was able to get 3 more pages done for the baby book before Felisa totally disintegrated. Matthew went down for a nap then Felisa fell asleep so we cancelled our eating out plans and ate the yummy kielbasa and veggies dinner that Allie made. We decided to venture out to Barnes and Noble for coffee and dessert before the rain started. I only got one nasty look (How dare you bring that child out into public when she so clearly has the plague!?!). Never mind that I was carrying her the whole time which limited her ability to spread her plague. Drove back to Allie's in the rain and got the kids into bed.

Day 2 - Thursday - August 31, 2006

Breakfast - scrambled eggs and biscuits. Yummy! A shower to make me feel more alive after a long sleepless night with Coughing Girl Who Can't Breathe. The kids got more playtime then a clean-up session to restore order after the 2-Day Kid Tornado. Loaded up the car while the kids played the Star Wars Legos computer game. Ryan was sad to leave. Richard offered to drive ahead of us and show us the way to Schlotsky's.

1142 - Leave Allie's.
Bella: That was fun.
Me: What was fun?
Bella: John's house.

Enroute to Schlotsky's. First stop... Starbucks, of course! Then when we arrived at Schlotsky's, Felisa was already asleep so Richard picked up our food also while I waited in the car. He came back with the biggest sandwich I have ever seen - I think it weighed 5 pounds. Turns out they have a family size sandwich so when I asked for extra large, that's what I got. I wanted to bring some home for Ron but yikes! But now I don't have to cook dinner. And they had S's pizza so she gets a treat too.

12:34 pm - Gas, $2.50/gallon. Pretty big price difference - just 2 hours down the road and it is 50 cents less per gallon.

12:39 pm - McD's drive thru. The line is very long but I know Ryan and Bella won't touch the Schlotsky's sandwich with a 10-foot pole. Felisa wakes up as we drive away but falls right back to sleep, thankfully. She really needs a good, restful nap.

1:01 pm - on I-64 East.

1:59 pm - Pass an AAFES truck. I don't think I've ever seen one of those before.

2:04 pm - Traffic is getting heavy. There are 6 lanes across, 3 in each direction. Traffic is moving at a steady speed but all 6 lanes are full of cars as far as the eye can see. Big difference from driving in Kansas where it was 2 lanes across and I didn't see another car for as long as 5-10 minutes at a time. Big difference!

2:17 pm - Traffic slows at... 123. Same place we slowed down yesterday - kind of weird.

2:40 pm - Deliver Chicken Pesto Pizza to S. Apparently I misunderstood - she loves the Chicken Pesto Sandwich and has never had the pizza. Oh well. I still get an A for effort, right?! :)

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Kids go right to the tv after 24 hours without it. Oh, the torture!

I took Ryan and Bella to see Melissa's pre-season marching band show. It was cool and windy - should've brought jackets! Good show though. I love that Melissa does the flags, just like I did oh so many years ago. The sickies, Ron and Felisa stayed home.

8:45 pm - headed for bed. I can't believe it is only 8:45. Seems like almost midnight!

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