Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Swimming, Swimming, All the Way to School...

So TS Ernesto has left the area. But some relative of his must be in town looking for him because it was POURING DOWN RAIN this morning. So instead of walking Ryan to the door or to his classroom, I dropped him off at the kiss-n-ride. Luckily he's not a newbie anymore so he knew where to go. I'll find out in 30 minutes if he made it... And if he survived his first day of first grade. Seems like he's been gone forever...

In other news:
*Felisa told me she wanted to go potty by herself (pull down her pants and climb up onto the toilet which I usually help her with). I was in the middle of being impressed by how well she was doing when... she fell in! Oops! A few tears and a dry shirt but she's fine now.
*Bella has perfected the ear-piercing sound of a puppy crying.
*I cleaned off my big table again - finally! - so we can have a nice family dinner together tonight on the first day of school.
*Ron and I ate some of my first-ever-canned spaghetti sauce the other day and neither of us fell victim to food poisoning. Woo hoo! I wouldn't let any of the kids have any because I was worried about whether or not it had really worked, despite all indications that all had gone well. Now I know.

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