Saturday, September 23, 2006

Just a bit of Rainbow Magic

Today was Bella's birthday party. A Rainbow Fairy party. I of course had a lot of last-minute preps to do but it turned out pretty nicely, I think. A big thanks to S for helping out, keeping things running smoothly, and for being a great Goblin!

We played Fairy Freeze Tag and Musical Rainbow Pillows. We made fairies out of pipe-cleaners then "furnished" black pots for them to live in while they awaited their return to Fairyland. The girls (and Ryan!) colored in the giant map of Fairyland and Rainspell Island. How long do you think it will stay up on the living room wall?!

And in what is unfortunately becoming a tradition, there was a problem with the candles. For some reason I can't seem to have the right candles on hand for the cake. When Bella turned 1, I had to use a votive candle because the #1 candle I thought I had couldn't be found. Today when I pulled out the box of candles I saw the other day, there were only 3 candles inside. So I used those plus a #2 candle and told Bella she would have to add. Ay! When will I ever get it right?!?

Tomorrow is our family dinner. Bella requested spaghetti. Should I wrap her present or just give it to her in the bag?


GrammawD said...

Ya wanna just put the bag on our blue crate? Jus' pile it up. I can visualize our Beautiful Biker Princess Bella in the midst of it all at her party today. The wall drawing gets the "hard work" preparation prize.

Cheryl Wray said...

That sounds like such a SWEET party! I love to do theme parties for my girls. They're so much fun!
Happy bday to Bella!