Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Rodeo Preview

Big Trip 2... Day 11... July 9, 2007... Monday

0600 Wake up

645 Take Ron to work

0715 Talk with Mom at breakfast

0800 Wake up the kids

0815 Breakfast

0840 Melissa is reviewing the blog so far. Ryan and Felisa go with me to see Grandma F. Bella stays with Melissa.

0913 Leave for ProRodeo Hall of Fame. We're running late!

Favorite parts of the museum...

Ryan: Rodeo room (with clown barrels and audience surround sound)
Bella: trophies
Felisa: yellow chute
Sheila: seeing my brother

1038 Headed for a bit of shopping at Goodwill. Mom calls. Supposed to meet at the hotel at 1130 for lunch.

1135 Arrive with Sonic. Unfortunately I misunderstood my instructions. I was supposed to bring lunch for Mom and Jack also. Oops. :( Now I feel bad.

12:30 p.m. Driving around town looking for Western Warehouse. For some reason it's not where I left it!

12:45 p.m. Found it! Of course Bella and Felisa are asleep. They wake up when we open the doors so we all go in. The kids had fun playing with the toys in the kids corner while Melissa shopped.

1:30 p.m. Stop at School Crossing teacher supply store/toy store. I love this place!

2:00 p.m. Done shopping... do we go to the mall or back to the hotel? Hotel wins. We're all exhausted.

2:26 p.m. Ryan is reading to Melissa. Melissa says she's tired and wants to take a nap but is too lazy to take out her contacts.

2:28 p.m. Melissa: I'm going to sleep. Ryan: (without even a pause in his reading) read...read...read...you have your contacts on...read...read...read...

3:00 p.m. Leave to go pick up Ron from class.

3:20 p.m. Back to the room.

Then the airport adventure starts... We decide that we probably have enough time to get down to the south end of town to the airport to pick up Ron's rental car before I have to be downtown to pick up Jack. We leave Melissa and the kids at the hotel and head out. We check out the rental car without any trouble and plan to meet alongside the road on the way out of the airport so we can switch carseats out of the van and into the rental car. The prearranged meeting spot turns out to not exist so we check in via cell phone and end up in a hotel parking lot a little further down. Meanwhile, Jack has called and is ready to be picked up. We switch car seats as quickly as possible (which really isn't all that quick - so many buckles and straps!) and Ron gets his bike down off the top of the car (guess he doesn't trust me not to ram it into an overpass!). Off I go, trying to decide what is the quickest way downtown. I'm unfamiliar with this side of town, especially since they built the new airport and changed the roads all around. I find my way towards Academy but there is a lot of traffic. So I decide to cut around and try to pick up 24. At which point I find even more traffic and a little road construction just to make it exciting. I'm finally downtown when Jack calls again. I tell him I think I'm almost there. Amazingly enough, I find the courthouse, and Jack, right away. He jumps in and we're off. Can we make it to the Denver Airport in less than 2 hours at 5 p.m. on a Monday??? As soon as I pull away from the curb, I realize that I have no idea how to get onto the highway from where I am. The exit that I always take is behind me, and it's closed for construction. Miracle of miracles, a highway sign appears before me and leads me to the correct path. And during all of that, Grandpa H had called to check in and see if I knew how the court date had gone. So... basically unfamiliar streets, cell phone calls, and construction blocking my path... and I still made it to the highway. The drive to the airport is uneventful. I deliver my passenger with plenty of time to spare so he can catch his flight home.

I enjoy a more leisurely drive home, even stopping to shop and get dinner along the way. Denver has really grown in the last few years. Meanwhile, Ron and the kids went to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill (yum- buffalo burgers!), played chess with the life-size chessboard, and shopped at the princess store (Claire's).

And that's all she wrote on this fine day in Colorado!

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