Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July, Texas-Style

Big Trip 2... Day 6... July 4, 2007… Wednesday

0645 Wake up

0810 Leave for parade. Only 10 minutes behind schedule which really isn’t bad for getting 10 people up, dressed, and fed. We’re following Betty Lou to Fredericksburg. Ron says “This gal drives fast – hold on everybody!”

0811 Wow – there’s people on this ranch too?!?! So far we’ve seen a lot of animals but I think those are the first people we’ve seen besides our own.

0815 Cows

0816 Weather report on the radio is forecasting 1-3” rain today with up to 5” in a few areas. That’s a lot of rain. Not sure what area the forecast covers so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It has rained every single day so far on our trip.

0825 Sun is coming out.

0830 I wonder how close I am to Pioneer Woman’s ranch? I think she might be in OK somewhere.

0833 Pass a pretty stained glass tower at the end of someone’s driveway
Pass a parade float on the way to the parade.

Arrive in Fredericksburg. Our early departure pays off… found a parking spot on the main street. Now just have to find something to do until the parade starts at 1000.

1:04 p.m. Parade was good. I was surprised to see the whole parade come back again, going the other way on Main Street. It’s like getting two parades for the price of one! Before the parade we walked down to the park a couple blocks away and toured the pioneer memorial garden and let the kids play on the playground. During the parade, Betty Lou pointed out a float with the missing leg guy riding on it. How funny is that to see the guy who lost his leg in the field last year riding in the parade this year!?! After the parade we walked around town and did a little more shopping. Picked up some Texas wine for myself and Christy. Bought an iron wall hanging (Ron wants to know why we always buy metal when we come to Fredericksburg!), a cowboy hat for Ryan and a few other things. We came out of a shop at 1205 and it was poring down rain. I laughed when I checked my watch because earlier this morning I had told Betty Lou that I didn’t mind if it rained today as long as it was between 12 and 5 pm so that the parade and the fireworks could still happen and not be cancelled. Someone must’ve been listening to me! Since it was raining, we decide to go into Wheeler’s for lunch. Yummy homemade hamburger buns!

Now load up and head back to the ranch…

1:17 p.m. Gas, milk, and beef jerky stop. Saw a real-life Texan (cowboy hat, jeans, and boots on!) inside the minimart.

1:23 p.m. Call Grandpa R.. Says he is prepping the house. Not sure what sort of preps are necessary really… we’re just looking for a place to hang our hat for a few days!

1:44 p.m. Back at the ranch.

Spend a sleepy, rainy afternoon relaxing. The girls were asleep when we got home so Ron volunteered to lie down with them. He ended up getting a nap but Bella and Felisa woke up as soon as we got back. We put together some puzzles, played Peter Pan (an original board game that Betty Lou has had since Dominique was a little boy), and even got in a few minutes of outside playtime between rainstorms.

Enjoy another delicious meal. It has been very enjoyable having the whole family together at the big table for every meal. Something we don’t do enough at home. We discussed houses for sale in the neighborhood. After dinner, Betty Lou drove us around the ranch to see different houses that are for sale. I could see living out here.

Fireworks are cancelled due to rain. We were going to go with the neighbors to view them from the hospital helo landing pad. Oh well, maybe next time. It was good to get to bed early though since we leave in the morning for New Mexico.

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