Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Extra Cookies for Felisa

I think Felisa should get extra cookies tomorrow when Aunt Lana arrives (bearing yummy cookies of course!). I mentioned a few times this week that we need to try to keep the house clean (we cleaned up for Ryan's party!) this week since Lana is coming to visit. This afternoon, Felisa brought Othello to me to play. I won but we called it a tie. Then she asked if she should clean up in Bella's room. Gee, tough question. How about, Yes! Please! Go clean up! And she did. Did a pretty good job. A little messy in the corner by the closet but the middle of the floor is clear, the comforter is spread out on the bed, and the animals are all back in the bin.

And as if that weren't enough, she then decided that it was pretty messy downstairs too and that's where she is now, cleaning. Yea!

See what I mean - voluntary, good cleaning deserves extra cookies!

In other news...
Ryan's party went well. I finished the last of the preparations just minutes before I left to pick them up from school. The kids seemed to have a good time. Games, pizza, superhero capes, and chocolate cake... what more could you want?!

I worked so hard last week that I have been pretty much useless this week. Could be hormones or maybe just excess cloud cover. Or both.

Can't think of anything else...

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