Monday, December 03, 2007

It's all fun and games...

... until you need a bobbin!

Working on sewing a dozen superhero capes for Ryan's party coming up on Friday. I'm not exactly what you would call a seamstress but if the machine is already threaded, I can sew a straight line.

Unfortunately, my bobbin ran out. So I had to make a new one (that took about 3o minutes to figure out how) then get the bobbin back in place and re-thread the machine. That one was a little trickier. After watching me struggle for about half an hour, Ron took pity on me and gave it a shot. That bobbin refused to cooperate. After about an hour of muttering and puttering and trying again and again, it finally worked. Ryan had come to see what all the fuss was after Ron gave up and must have given the machine a magical touch because finally, finally everything was back in working order and the sewing can resume.

In other news...

I'm coming down with a cold. Of course. Because it's not like I'm busy or anything this week (or even this month!).

I have a cub scout leaders meeting tonight which puts a cramp in my sewing schedule.

I killed another mouse. 3 dead, 1 released.

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