Thursday, December 06, 2007

No Time to Breathe

But that's okay because I can't really breathe anyway what with this darn cold and all! Remind me next time I go to the dentist with a cold, I should take Sudafed beforehand so maybe I can breathe a little tiny bit through my nose and not suffocate when they start spraying water in my mouth and oh help I can't breathe!!!

Preps for the big Justice League Super Hero party continue. Right now I'm feeling sort of in control and ready. By noon tomorrow I will be panicking because I'M NOT READY!!!! Ack! And when will I get ready for my crop Saturday? Probably Saturday morning at about 6 a.m. Is it Sunday afternoon yet? I'm ready for my nap!

And on that note, I'm off to bed. Just thought I'd share with the world that I can't breathe.

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