Friday, July 07, 2006

Back from the Beach

So we're back from the beach... tried to blog once while we were there but the wireless connection wasn't working for me. My computer technician was out in the kayak so wasn't available to advise me on my "operator errors" and then the moment has passed.

Lots to say but not sure where to start...

Had a great weekend hanging out with friends. Definitely something worth making into an annual tradition - Family Friend Beach Weekend. The kids of course had a blast. S's margaritas were PERFECT! The food was delicious. Fireworks were plentiful. We even ventured across the bridge to the Big Beach on the island - freezing cold ocean water with big waves and soft sand. My kids were apprehensive about the Big Beach (knocked over too many times when they were babies) but ended up LOVING it. Bummer for me since I hate the big production of packing up to get there but glad they liked it. Except for Felisa. She was done after about 20 minutes but that's pretty much par for the course for her. Except of course on Monday when we were counting on her giving up early so that I could take her home and start packing up/cleaning up the house to leave while the big kids stayed with Ron at the Little Beach a while longer. After 45 minutes we had to drag her away.

There's lots more to tell but it will have to wait until later...

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