Thursday, July 13, 2006

I know I can't dance

I was watching "So You Think You Can Dance" last night. My other dance show that I really like is "Dancing With the Stars". Ron asked me last night if I really liked watching dancing. I said Definitely. He then asked if I liked dancing. I said Yes. Even though I'm no good at it, I do enjoy learning the steps and then dancing what I've learned. One of the ladies at Cursillo danced with me at my birthday party. She said that she dances all the time (and she was really good!) and the best part for me was that she dances with her husband who does not dance well so she's used to leading a clueless partner around the dance floor. It was really fun. Renewed that desire within to learn to dance!

I was a cheerleader for one year in high school (shocker, I know since I really am not the cheerleader type!). I enjoyed the cheers and the dances we did even though I wasn't very good at it, the dancing especially. Coming to cheerleading late in life just doesn't work that well! But something about being in unison with a group is enjoyable to me in addition to dancing with a partner.

A friend of ours from college ROTC, Mary, was over for dinner one night last year and was telling us about how she also always wanted to learn to dance and so she had found a place and went once a week to class. Wow - I totally wanted to do the same thing when I heard about what she was doing. Of course the fact that she doesn't have any children yet makes it easier for her but if I could find a way to work it out, I would absolutely do it.

And, here's another selling point - dancing can be good exercise. I won't call it a sport. But definitely exercise. Especially since I am generally clutsy, uncoordinated, and not flexible, it would be hard work for me and therefore a good calorie burner.

So, what type of dancing? Line dancing (the group thing again!) and ballroom type dancing. Definitely not ballet. I don't know anything about jazz but think I could possibly like that one. There are jazzercise classes, you know! Hmmmmm.... maybe next year when all the kids are in school. Just might have to look into that one. And of course the Latin Dance Aerobics class at the rec center that I have been wanting to try out since last winter. I asked S to sign up with me but her schedule hasn't allowed it.

One of my dancing regrets... Northwestern offered ballroom dancing classes. Ron said he would do it with me but that I would have to pay his class fee. $40 was too much for me then. I foolishly thought that we could just do it sometime later. Ha. Never gonna happen, I think. Why oh why didn't I just cough up an extra $40 bucks?!? Those lessons would have come in handy on our mini-honeymoon when we attended the New Year's Eve dinner dance at the Broadmoor Hotel. And at a few weddings since then. I think I'll be kicking myself forever over that $40 decision!

Dance confession... Remember those square dancing and folk dancing classes we had to do in gym class growing up? I LIKED them! I'd do that type of dancing as well, given a chance.

So any advice for the dancer wanna-be in me?

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