Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Snuggly Cuddle-Bug

It's July. Summertime. HOT outside! And yet Felisa insists on wearing socks (must be payback from when she was one and I couldn't get her to keep them on!). This afternoon she also had on a big fuzzy robe. Because she was cold. Right... I don't believe her somehow. I think her need to snuggle in blankets and robes must be related to her great cuddle-bug skills. She is definitely the best hugger around and really likes to cuddle. Always melts me heart when she gives me a big squeeze.

In other news... went to Starbucks this morning. Was very disappointed that they didn't have any chocolate croissants. But the lady behind the counter was nice enough to look through all the boxes of goodies waiting on the counter (gotta have a lot of sweets for the weekend crowd!) and SHE FOUND ONE. In the last box. Woo-hoo! Definitely the little things in life that make the biggest difference sometimes.

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