Sunday, July 16, 2006

A visit to the Purdstead

Richard has officially christened their new home, The Purdstead. Hee Hee. And the best part - I was there when it happened! That's right. In a fit of momentary brilliance (those moments are so few and far between and oh so fleeting!) I decided to deliver as many boxes as possible. Allie had been obviously upset when she called to give the "no moving truck available" news. Initially I figured I could take a couple boxes down with the kids sometime this week. A quick peek at the calendar showed something going on EVERY DAY this week. Hmmm... This is where the brilliance comes in, so please shield your eyes - I'm not doing anything today. And Ron's home so he can watch the kids which means I can take out the car seats and fit in more boxes. Am I brilliant, or what?!? :) I sold Ron on the idea, which he tweaked with his own (which are much more frequent of course) moment of brilliance - bring Ryan. Yes, perfect! Because then Ryan can play with John leaving me free to hang out with Allie!

So off I went. Several trips up and down the 2 flights of steps later, my van and Richard's car are loaded with all the essentials - sheets, towels, pans and dishes, light sabers, and the TV and VCR. A stop at the gas station and McD's then out to the highway to deal with *($#*$* traffic. But we made it. And the reaction I got (we didn't tell Allie I was coming!) made it all worthwhile!

So my review of the Purdstead...
Great house! Nice yard. Nice neighborhood. School right down the street. Good location (if you take away the distance-from-my-place factor the location is improved by all the essentials - AWESOME scrapbook store, Michaels, 2 steak places, Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble - all within a mile or two).

Can't wait for our official visit next month, with all the kids this time! And we'll even spend the night.

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