Thursday, July 13, 2006

We're Family

In the past 5 years-- Or is it 6 years now? Yikes! Anyway, in the past 5 or 6 years we have been blessed with a great group of friends. America being what it is these days, most people do not live near their extended family. Which means you have to build another family out of friends and neighbors where you live. This is not a replacement for your natural family - just an extension. We have built/grown an excellent local family of love, friendship and support. And now I have actual proof that we are in fact, family...

A couple weeks ago, I was over at Bill and Christy's place, hanging out in Christy's room while she was getting ready to go out. Bill came in from the garden, showered, then came out in his towel. "We're family," he said. True enough!

A few days later during our family friend beach weekend I was standing near the bathroom when Mark came out in his towel. "We're family," we said.

And now one last shower story... Eleanor came by yesterday evening to say goodnight to the kids. They were all in the bath. I was in the shower (not my usual shower time) and Ron was gone. So she ended up coming into the bathroom which she has done lots of times before when the kids are bathing. Nothing crazy - just hints of naked and a bit of surprise - but it's okay. Why? Because we're family! And I guess in a way this one is just an example of "turnabout is fair play". Ryan walked in on Eleanor a couple years ago while she was taking a bath, because he needed to go potty. Which he did. Then went back down to watch TV as if nothing unusual had happened.

So, do you have to be naked and freshly showered to find out who your new family is? No. But if happens to work out that way, you'll know!

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