Thursday, July 20, 2006

She ate my steak

Psycho dog strikes again. This time she ate my steak. Grrr....

I made dinner for the family then headed off to a class at the gym. I didn't want to eat before working out, especially since steak takes so long to digest. There's a story about that related to Ryan's delivery but I won't gross you out with that now. So anyway, Ron took the kids out for a walk after dinner. He left the plate of veggie kabobs uncovered on the counter. He covered the plate of steak with foil and left it next to the veggies. When they got back home, Bailey was gone (hiding under the bed upstairs!) and the steak was gone. All that was left was an empty plate surrounded by steak-juice pawprints all over the counter, aluminum foil on the floor, and a plate full of veggie kabobs. So I had veggies for dinner. And a piece of string cheese.

And now Bailey has been suffering from an upset tummy since Tuesday night. I say - serves her right. Next time, eat your own dog food. It was right there in your bowl the whole time!

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mapiprincesa said...

And you know...I miss Bailey, too!!! I wish you well on vacation...hope you got my email yesterday, and remember I love you! I´ll give your cell a call once settled back in. Love to the kids!