Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Darby vs. Cody

alternate titles:
Seperate but Equal
Choosing Sides
She's MINE!!!

So I kind of forgot to let Cody out last night. Oops! Clearly I cannot be trusted with a dog that I can't see at all times and who isn't jumping up and down under my nose begging to be let out. So... I decided to bring Cody down to the house this morning and test the waters with Darby again.

They're doing great. God (thankfully) gave me two hands and two sides so that I can pet and praise both of them at the same time. That seems to keep them happy. They each stay on one side of me and keep a very close watch at all times to make sure I am safe and also to make sure the other dog is not getting more attention than he is. The love and protection is positively overwhelming I tell you!

Two water dishes. Two plush chew toys. Two sides of the room. A match made in heaven...

Not sure if I'll leave them both home alone together when we go out to run errands. How lucky do I really feel after all?! But we have made a great step forward in the Cody/Darby relationship today. Yea!

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