Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I think we survived our first week "Home Alone". We made it to camp by 0800 everyday, a miracle in and of itself. The kids had a great time at camp although I have to say for a camp billed as "All Sports Camp" there was really not a lot of different sports. They played soccer the most plus a bit of basketball and what Ryan called a "sort of baseball" game once. Oh well. At least they had fun!

I managed a date night for myself - dinner out with Mom and Shani while Uncle Jon watched all the kiddos.

I successfully avoided cooking all week. Unless you count the scrambled eggs I made for Ryan the other day but that really doesn't count if you ask me. I invited Mom over for dinner tonight though. I have no other outside activities planned for today so surely I can manage to make spaghetti for dinner... right?!?

What I learned this week...
*I can get up and get the kids ready and out before 0800. But I'd really rather not if I don't have to...
*Six months is a loooooooooonnnnngg time. In all our years of military separations, we have never done six consecutive months. I think two and half months may have been the previous record. The separations were frequent over the first five years but not long. Something tells me this may be a bit harder. Could it be the three little monkeys left in my charge? Being constantly responsible for someone other than myself? Multiple little someones? Ack!

I think the denial that I have been living in is fading away and left in it's place is a wee bit of panic. Reality is a tough one to face sometimes. I know we can do it. It'll just take a couple of weeks to settle into our "Home Alone" routine. January will be here before you know it.


And now the really great news... Ron will be home tonight. So we get one more week of last minute preparations, now that we've figured out some of the things we need and/or forgot in all the rush of finishing school and packing. A bonus visit... weaning me away slowly. I'll take it! I've already got his list started... fix toilet, fix computer, fix...

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Scattered Mom said...

I had to do 5 months of Home Alone when Hubs moved ahead for a job, and I stayed behind to help Jake finish out the school year.

No go. We eventually bailed and followed Hubs.

I got into a real routine being the only parent at home, but it was tough. I missed Hubs sooooooooo much.

There's no way I could be a military wife. I just know it.