Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Day

0730 Wake up. Trying to decide whether or not to get up or go back to sleep. Decide I should probably just get up since usually all that happens when I go back to sleep in the morning is more crazy dreams.

0735 Hear Ryan and Bella talking so that settles it. Time to get up.

Uncle Mike made breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. After breakfast Ryan and Bella got ready to go to Brattonsville with Mike. Felisa went with Lana and I to run errands – the insurance office, lunch at Sonic, Sears for a tire alignment/oil change, and Walmart for sunscreen and garlic bread pretzel pieces.

Ryan’s report of Brattonsville:

When we first got there we went inside the admissions office and got a map. Then we went into the gift shop. There we got chalkboard for Bella and Revolutionary soldiers for me. Then we started walking on the trail. We soon came to a backwoods cabin where a reenactment was going on. We stood at the doorframe looking in to the cabin but we didn’t go inside. We headed down the trail for a little bit then we got to a house. We went inside. It was like a cabin for people to live in then we went outside and saw a few pigs and goats. Then we went over to look at the smokehouse. We went inside the Bratton house. When we went inside we saw some wax food set up on a dining table. When we turned right we got to a school place.
(((This is Bella’s report about the school:

The brothers everyday had short days. Because they had to help their dads in the fields. The girls stayed at school. It was like a girl day. The boys were happy because they like helping the dads. The girls were happy because they like learning just like me. That’s why I always behave and get good reports. )))

After we went to the school I think we went to a copy of one of the Bratton’s… it was a copy of a grave marker of one of their servants who died in the battle of Huck’s Defeat. His name was Watt.

We crossed a road to get to the homestead. The homestead was a newer version of the Bratton House (the one with the school). We saw lots of interesting artifacts. My favorite room was the doctor’s office. It had lots and lots of cool medicine and lots of other stuff like a melted candle. When we went back outside we went inside a slave’s cabin made out of bricks. It looked like it was a hard life living in that cabin.

We saw horses. We also went to see a place where they did something with the cotton they got out of the field. Then we went to an original slave’s cabin that was 106 years old.

The tour guide made corn husk dolls for us. She told us that the kids had to make their own toys because they didn’t have any money. Toss toys and corn husk dolls.

Favorite part:
R- the tool shed and smokehouse
B- seeing the horses
M- tour by Miss Nettie and the hairy pigs

After a break, we went to the pool. Ryan and Bella and I ended up with a few pink spots so we’ll need extra sunscreen when we go out on the boat tomorrow.

After swimming, it was time for a quick change then dinner at Jack-in-the-Box. Mmm… Then we went back to the cool playground that we went to last winter. It was much warmer there today! And after the playground… because it is Fun Day as Bella declared… we went to Books-a-Million and each kid (and Lana) bought a new book. Now it’s time to go to bed. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired!!!

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