Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Coffee Thief

We are leaving today for our annual 4th of July Beach Trip. As usual, I'm not ready to go yet. So, I woke up early (before 6 - I did hit the snooze a couple times) and came down to the kitchen. I started with the dirty dishes left over from last night and prepping the fruit I picked up at the farmer's market yesterday while the coffee was brewing. After a while, I looked over at the coffee pot and noticed that it was only at the 4-cup line. Hmmm... I thought I made more than that. I know I didn't make a full pot this morning but really, I was sure I had made more than 4 cups. Did Ron come down and get coffee while I was out of the kitchen for a few minutes? No, surely I would have heard him. Oh well. So I added a cup of water to brew it up to 6 cups then got back to work. A few minutes later, I glanced down at my own coffee cup as I was passing by. Oh look! There's the missing coffee!!! I had poured myself a cup but hadn't added the cream and sugar.

Yeah. Um. I just don' t even know what to say.


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Chile said...

ROFLMAO! It is so comforting to know that I am not the only person that does stuff like this.