Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 11

July 30, 2008 – Wednesday – Day 11

0645 Wake up. Coffee and the newspaper.

0750 Shower and get dressed for the day.

0815 Catch up on my notebook – realize I need to update my license plate game. Here we go… Sonora Mexico, SD, OR, MO, UT, KS

0820 Write a letter to Ron and get his package taped up and ready to mail.

Lana and I went to Hastings to check out the used DVDs. I bought a Happy Feet game for Ryan’s new PS2 (a hand me down from my brother) and a few movies. Then we stopped by the post office to mail the package. The postal clerk was a bit grumpy over the customs form but now I know – always use the big one no matter what! We went home to eat leftover pizza for lunch but Grandpa had already given it all to the kids so we left again and went to Gardunos for lunch – yummy!!!

After lunch we took the kids to the pool then they played in the kiddie pool at the house. Grandma picked up dinner from Buca diPeppo since no one wanted to cook and no one wanted to take 12 people (6 kids!) to a restaurant for dinner out.

Over all a nice relaxing day. After dinner I cleaned out the car and got everything repacked and ready for our departure tomorrow. I missed my evening chat with Ron since I had to lie down with Felisa upstairs so she would go to sleep.

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