Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sturgis, We Have a Problem

So instead of sleeping, I thought I'd surf the net a little and look for attractions/hotels near Mount Rushmore. Sturgis, home of the big annual motorcycle event happens to be near Mt Rushmore. And you'll never guess when this year's motorcycle rally is scheduled... Aug 4-10. Which is exactly when we are planning to be in the area. Preliminary searching is not showing any available rooms anywhere within 100 miles. Looks like I'll have to break out the atlas and do some further investigation on this one.

Darn it.


Scattered Mom said...

Hey, we're home!

We stayed at the Howard Johnson in Rapid City. It's new and really nice-was cheap when we booked it, but has gone up (I can understand why, it's worth even the cash they are asking now)

I highly recommend it-and if you want any other Mount Rushmore info,let me know.

Vicki said...

Have a wonderful trip!! Just wanted to let you know that the collab kit I'm doing will still be available when you get back ;o). Have lots of fun and let me know all about it when you get back.

Scattered Mom said...

:( I'm sorry you can't find anything! What a pain! Can you change your days?

For the White Sands, I wrote you a blog post over here...

I've tried to e-mail you but my computer doesn't like your e-mail link. How bout you e-mail me first and then I'll give you whatever info you need? :P

zirelda said...

Um, you're going there then?

I lived in Pringle for a very short time. Nothing there but a gas station, post office, church and a bar. We'd go to Rapid City to see movies in the park on Saturday nights.

Nice memories. Thank you.

Scattered Mom said...

By the way I LOVE the new lay out.