Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Double Trouble Strikes Again

Just a quick interjection here...

Felisa and Philip (also known as Double Trouble) have been thick as thieves all day today. Just a few minutes ago I was surfing the net, checking my email when I heard two little voices in the bathroom across the hall. Before I came in to check my mail, Felisa had been loitering suspiciously in front of the closed bathroom door but denied everything.

Mom: What are you doing?
Felisa: Nothing.
Mom: Do you need to go to the bathroom?
Felisa: No.
Mom: Why are you standing there? Is someone
-no answer so I shrug and move on-

Fast Forward about 5 minutes to the little voices in the bathroom.
Felisa: Maybe you should wash your underwear.
Mom: What are you guys doing in there?
Felisa: Nothing! (door slams shut just after I get a glance of a
half-naked boy)

I sent Philip's dad in to check out the situation. There had been a small accident. Jared took the offending undies outside to power wash with the hose and when he came back in he said they must've tried to wash them because when he got them wet, they were soapy!


mama llama said...

Considering that it's otherwise Corey and Felisa...well, the common denominator just always seems to be Felisa! JAJA!

She'll be giving us all a run for our money, ¿no? :)

She-Ra said...

Yep, that girl's trouble all right! :)