Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phone Is Fixed

The phone has been down since Thursday morning. Thankfully the internet was untouched or else I may have gone completely crazy waiting for the repair man. Even more good news - the repairmen work on weekends now. My original appointment was for tomorrow (Sunday) but this morning I got bumped up to today. Woo hoo!

So the diagnosis...

The invisible phantom phone line hiding behind the movie screen in the basement (which is just a long white cord hooked up from the wall jack and into NOTHING in the media closet) apparently decided to quit working. And since I had long ago forgotten that phone jack even existed, I failed to unplug it when the computer voice told me to unplug and check all phone lines.

So the very nice Verizon guy came and went on a phone line treasure hunt through the house with me. When I raised the screen to access the crawl space, the phantom line appeared.

And nothing makes you more conscious of a completely trashed out messy house than a strange repairman traipsing throughout, looking into every crummy little nook and cranny… Bleh! Or more “blonde” than a phantom invisible phone line in (sort of) plain sight!

Oh well… maybe I’ll be a water-cooler story back at the garage…

Oh and I almost forgot this part... while the repairman is collecting his tools in the garage, the phone rings. I figured it was just him, making a test call. It wasn't. It was a political survey call. My phone has been working for less than 5 minutes and the repairman is still in my garage. And I get a political survey call. After I laughed at the surveyor, I told him no thanks and hung up. I'm not wasting my precious phone on a stranger!

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