Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 27

Day 27 – Tuesday – July 3, 2012

0645 Wake up and shower.  Breakfast and coffee.
0830 Leave for Luray Cavern and Skyline Drive.  Genie is still down so we pull Jo out of retirement.

Stop at the post office on the way out of town.  On the drive, the air conditioner repair guy called.  Looks like we need a new outdoor unit for the house.  Ouch!  Not the news I was hoping for.

Once we got to Luray, some sort of invisible, really mean, stealth bug stung me on the arm.  I don’t know what it was since I never saw it but it sure hurt!  I got some first aid cream and a bandaid from the first aid station but it didn’t help much.  An ice pack would’ve been better.  The cave tour was nice.  After the cave tour, Mom bought the kids tickets to do the ropes course outside.  The kids had a great time.  By this time we are all hot and hungry so we go into Luray and get lunch at Hardees.  We opt to skip the drive back on Skyline Drive because of the forest fires we can see up in the park.  We drive back the way we came.  In Manassas we stop at McKay’s Used Book Store.  We’ve still got a lot of credit from the books we took in last year before we moved.  After the book store, we stopped at Outback in Herndon for my birthday dinner.  Last stop – Safeway to buy milk and cupcakes for tomorrow.

Our favorite parts of the whole day: Felisa/Bella/Ryan – the ropes, Sheila – the nice drive to the cave (and NOT the bee sting!), Mom- being with us.

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