Monday, July 09, 2012

Day 33

Day 33 – Monday – July 9, 2012

0715 Get up.  Shower. Coffee and breakfast.
0915 Ryan is the last to get up – taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep in.  Girls get to go to the park alone again.

0930 Walking to the post office with Grandma.

0955 The girls are back.  Ryan has the tv on GAC so we all watch country music videos for awhile.

1100 Time for Clifford on PBS.  It sure has been awhile since we watched Clifford.

1115 Lana and Jessie come to hang out with us again.

1145 A call from Dr. White’s office.  I can take the splint off (YAY!) and buddy tape my pinky to the ring finger.  I should follow up with a doctor when I get home.  I am very happy to have the splint off – it was making my finger hurt worse!  Guess I’ll need to go shopping later to buy some tape.

The kids go to the park again in the afternoon.  After they leave a train comes through town.  I have immediate visions of squished children on the train tracks.  Fortunately they are smart enough to know how not to be run over by a train and make it home safely at the appointed time.

Dinner tonight is beef and noodles – yum!

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