Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 34

Day 34 – Tuesday – July 10, 2012

Another pretty laid back day in Good Hope.  The girls go to the park.  Lana and Jessie come to visit.  We eat leftovers for lunch.  After lunch I go to town to run errands.  Gas, $3.45/gallon.  A stop at Walmart for finger tape, deodorant, and a supply of Kitchen-Cooked potato chips to take home with us.  Dinner at the Ponderosa buffet.  Before bed it’s time to do the laundry and start packing.  Back on the road tomorrow.

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GrammawD said...

I've read through and caught up pretty much. Glad the biggest trip is a blast but I'll bet you 4 will be glad to get home. Glad too the mangled finger is on the mend. Had to email from msn over here to be able to comment. So complicated. Someone should comment though. Hi to Ryan, Bella and Felisa XO.