Friday, July 06, 2012

Day 30

Day 30 – Friday – July 6, 2012

0530 Wake up.  Can’t sleep.  Is it the steroids making it hard to sleep?
0717 Leaving the condo.  Is Genie alive?  Felisa is testing her.  She’s still having trouble.  Looks like Jo is still on duty.

0739 So it took two maps (Jo and my cell phone) and one kid (Felisa) to find the Starbucks but we found it.  Ryan had some vanilla milk and the girls got vanilla scones.  I got a toffee nut latte.

0757 Leesburg

0808 Horse

0810 A giant metal rooster is outside an antique shop.

0817 Potomac River.  Maryland.

0830 What a crazy exit to get onto 70 West!  This way and that way and round and round...

0843 South Mountain, 1200 feet.  80 degrees.

0847 Cows – finally!

0910 Kids finish watching the Chipmunk Adventure movie

0918 Ryan can’t find his mp3 player.  He must’ve left it at the condo.  I give him the phone so he can call to check.  Yep-it’s there.  Grandma said she’ll mail it ahead to meet us in Colorado.  I’m pretty sure when I handed it to him this morning I said, “Don’t lose it.”

0922 Sideling Hill, 1269 feet.  The views are nice but it’s a bit hazy this morning.

0924 Sign for US40 Scenic route.  Sounds nice but we don’t have time to stray from our route today.  We must get to Columbus before the Santa Maria closes!

0928 Town Hill, 940 feet

0934 Green Ridge Mountain, 1040 feet

0935 Polish Mountain, 1246 feet

0937 Flintstone, MD

0950 Cumberland, MD.  84 degrees

0952 Haystack Mountain, 1240 feet

1006 Eastern Continental Divide, 2610 feet

1017 Keysers Ridge, 2880 feet

1029 West Virginia

1047 Cheat Lake – one of my favorite signs to pass.  The other sign must only be for the other direction because I didn’t see Fairchance Road this time.

1055 Morgantown, WV. 83 degrees.  Stop for gas, $3.39/gallon.  In a display of my eternal gracefulness, I tripped over the gas hose (not paying attention very well obviously!) and I think I broke my finger.  Ouch!

1101 Arby’s for lunch.

1131 Bella has finished Harry Potter #5

1150 Pennsylvania – our 4th state of the day and it’s not even noon yet!

12:07 p.m. We really are not that far from Pittsburgh.  Maybe we should consider going through there one of these times.

12:21 p.m. Washington, PA.  The interchange and highway are STILL under construction.  I think this section has been under construction ever since the very first big trip.

12:41 p.m. West Virginia

12:53 p.m. Crossing the Ohio River into Ohio.  This is where our ancestors, the McConnells, crossed into Ohio after the Indian Massacre.

2:55 p.m. Arrive in Columbus to see the Santa Maria.  It is 101 degrees now – oh so very hot out there!

4:13 p.m. Back at the van, all very hot and sweaty.  The tour guide says this is the hottest it has been in Columbus since the 1930s.  The air conditioning on Christopher Columbus’ ship was not working for some reason today… something about no a/c in the 1490s and no breeze when tied up at the shore!  Our favorite parts:  Bella and Ryan-the captain’s quarters (it was cooler and there was a place to sit), Ryan and Felisa – the cargo hold, Sheila – finally seeing it after driving past so many times!

4:33 p.m. Big Darby Creek State and National Scenic River

4:36 p.m. Little Darby Creek

4:45 p.m. A dead tree in a cemetary

4:49 p.m. London, OH.  Perkins does not exist where Jo says it does so we turn around and go back to the Bob Evans we passed a few blocks back.

After dinner, we check in at the hotel.  For some reason, the hotel does not subscribe to the Disney Channel!  Oh no!  Now what are we supposed to watch?!

Swimming at the hotel pool.  Even I get in so I can “ice” my sore, swollen arm and my possibly-broken, still hurts, finger.  Not long after we arrive a huge group of loud, splashy kids comes so I get out and wait on the lounge chair for the kids to finish swimming.

After showers we eat the brownies we brought from Bob Evans for a bedtime snack.

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