Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clubbing with babies?

I haven't seen the whole story yet - just the teaser. But apparently the news story is about how it's now hip and cool and okay to bring your baby with you to the club.

Say what?!?! Let's start with the most obvious - the noise level cannot possibly be good for their ears. It's not good for an adult's ears. And the overstimulation? And... oh I could go on forever.


Okay, it's called Baby Loves Disco. And it's a family thing that happens on Saturday afternoons. But I still think the noise level would be too much. But then again, maybe that's my own personal noise issue peeking through...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Monkey Bar Madness

So never a dull moment is a saying that applies way too often to my life.

This afternoon/evening's plan was to take Bella to soccer practice then help Mom out with her car. Dinner might be the McD's drive-thru since I didn't have anything planned and then we would be home free and relaxing until about 2:00 tomorrow when we head out for soccer games.

Practice started at 6. At 6:10 Felisa comes back from the playground, crying because she had fallen from the monkey bars and her arm hurt. As I was holding her on my lap, trying to calm her down, Mom called. We told the coach's wife that we were heading out to pick up my mom and we would be back before the end of practice. Felisa calmed down on the walk down the hill to the car but when I lifted her up to put her in she started crying again. And then she just didn't stop. Which led me to believe that this injury might in fact warrant a trip to the doctor.

So we picked up Mom then came back to the house to find the doctor's phone number. We're in that in-between stage between Kaiser benefits which are ending any day now as far as I know and Tricare. We are tricare standard already by virtue of Ron being on active duty so we are entitled to health care but only at Ft Belvoir which is probably 40 minutes away, without any major traffic incidents blocking the way between here and there. The Prime paperwork that I filled out on Monday won't take effect until Oct. 1. I called the close (prime) clinic first because I was told they might help me before oct. 1 if they have open spaces. No dice. So I called the other number (ft. belvoir). Decided I really didn't want to drive all the way over there in Friday traffic. So I called Kaiser. They said that my benefits were still active and made me an appointment at the much-closer-than-the-Army urgent care facility. While I was on the phone with the healthcare merry-go-round, Ryan and Grandma were practicing their first aid on Felisa. Ice packs and a sling.

Ryan and Mom went back to the soccer field to get the chairs and blanket I left (because we were coming right back! ha!) and bring Bella home. Once they came back, Felisa and I took off for our appointment. Fortunately I remembered the way to the clinic since I hadn't been there in months.

Two and a half hours later (a decent amount of time for all that we had to do though it seemed like an eternity while we were stuck in the waiting rooms!), we have bone pictures, a soft cast, and an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor on Monday. Looks broken on the x-ray which the other doctor will confirm or deny and then set with a permanent cast if necessary.

And now - off the sleep. As long as Barky McBarkBark doesn't keep me up all night...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My House is Dirty

Felisa's having a playdate with her best friend from school, Adam. I'm sitting on the couch, being "available" while working on my way-behind-schedule digital scrapbook. I overheard Adam say, "Your house is dirty." Felisa stuck up for us though. Her prompt reply, "My house is Not dirty!"

Funny. Embarrassing. And true (my house IS messy). But funny.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attack of the Green Monsters!

Bella forgot something in her desk at school this afternoon so we walked back to her classroom with her. While we were there, the subject of her pink glasses came up. For some reason today she decided to wear the big round pink-shaded glasses that came from who-knows-where and now live in our dress-up box. I figured it was just a lark. The fad of the day.

So anyway, when we were talking about her glasses she told us that she was wearing them to keep the green away. Apparently Green sometimes attacks her. We asked what that meant and she said that it just makes everything look green. But the pink glasses help.

So is she just weird? Or what? Will I someday be able to look back on these things and understand? Because right now I just really don't know what to say.

Oh and does anyone have any pink shades we can borrow? When we got home, the glasses broke.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Are Husbands Good For?

Well, I can name a few things today that need a husband's touch...

*Jumpstarting the car
*Picking up his mother from the airport so I can do my assistant leader job at Cub Scouts

This weekend is a 3-day crop. Only happens twice a year. But arranging child care, carpooling, etc. for 3-days is like planning a world summit. And when things like the above happen, it just makes the (temporary) abscence of my dear husband that much more vivid. It's hard enough planning for my abscence when my signed-in-blood, dedicated life partner is around to pick up the slack. Without him to fall back on, things are that much harder. Add a few kinks like the above and it's almost more than I can handle.

Light Bulb Moment...
So while talking to Allie and lamenting about my bad luck today, I discovered something about myself. I'm okay at accepting help that is freely offered. I have a little more trouble asking for help repeatedly. An occasional here and there is okay but in my current position, I find myself asking for help more than I'd like. I don't feel like I've earned 6 months worth of help. Helping points are like money - you earn some by helping others and you spend some by asking for help or by accepting help that is offered. I am feeling many things today. One thing is exhausted, more mentally than physically. Another thing is frustrated. And lastly, I'm feeling a little unbalanced in the helping department.

So, I went upstairs and had a good cry to vent all the pent up frustration and stress. Then I thought about it for a few minutes. I think what's missing right now is the income of helping points. No one is asking me to help them with anything. I'm guessing it's because they know I'm all alone here and don't want to burden me. Which is lovely. And I appreciate it. But I still need to do small favors here and there or else I'm going to be unable to ask for any favors back. I'm spending my help points without replenishing them. And I don't want to be bankrupt before Ron comes back!

So people... ask for my help! But not this weekend. I'm busy...


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened

That's the name of a play, right? A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to McD's... I noticed 3 guys in matching orange shirts at the bus stop outside McD's. It seemed a little odd since they were all dressed alike. Most people waiting at bus stops are individuals and not dressed in matching t-shirts. So I went through the drive-thru to get my iced coffee fix and when I pulled back out to the main street, I was behind a garbage truck. The truck stopped at the bus stop and two of the orange-clad men climbed in and they all drove away. I guess the other orange guy belongs with a different route...

I just really thought that was funny and had to share it with the world!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday Night Blues

This weekend started with soccer practice Friday night at 6. Tropical Storm Hanna's first sprinkles started as we were leaving the field on our bikes.

I was tired from a long first week of school but the kids were still full of energy. I wanted to go to bed and let the day/week be over. I was having a hard time convincing them to do the same.

Saturday morning started with rain. Lots and lots of rain. Darby got a long wet walk before the worst of it hit. Then I spent the day moving boxes and organizing and pricing things for the yard sale. I haven't heard the official total yet but I think 9" of rain. By the end of the day I was very, very tired.

Sunday morning started early - 0545 - in an attempt to get my yard sale items out and ready before the early birds showed up. At 0730 the first shopper had arrived. I really hate how they come in and disrupt my rythym of trying to get it all. I was hoping to be ready before 0800 early birds but it wasn't to be.

Made lots of money but still have lots to sell so we're going to try for another sale in a couple weeks. The kids were good in the house all morning. The weather was beautiful and the shoppers were bountiful. All was good. I got Darby out for a walk around 3 then spent a couple hours with my feet up, reading. Then dinner out with Shani and all the kids.

To this point, a lot of hard work but overall a good weekend. Now comes the Sunday Night Blues part... I'm tired. The kids are not. I want to go to bed and be done with the day. Lurking in all the shadows, however, are the nags. The mess that is my house. The to-do list a mile long. The fact that I really need to stop eating and start exercising. Real life is out there waiting for me but I'm not sure I'm ready to face it. Weekends packed with too much activity are bad for this reason. Not enough down time equals extra stress over the usual way-too-much-to-do lists.

So I've got the Sunday Night Blues. And Felisa sitting next to me, sniffing, wiping her nose, and stroking my arm, touching me at all times, NOT sleeping.

Calgon take me away!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Be careful what you wish for...

So I have been lamenting off and on this summer about how all the big and fuzzy, black and buzzy, carpenter bees have disappeared from my garden. I attribute it to the garlic spray I used in the backyard to keep the mosquitos away. Which may or may not have worked on the mosquitoes. It did however work on keeping the good bees away and had absolutely no effect on the very mean wasp/bee creatures that set up shop in the backyard and ultimately stung Bella and I. (They're dead now, by the way. I killed them! You see, that's what happens when you break the rules of living at Sheila's house. If you come inside my house and are too ugly or if you bother me outside, then you will die. Remember that, random bugs and spiders, if you ever stop by.)

So anyway, as I was leaving the house earlier, I was struck by the pure volume of big and fuzzy, black and buzzy, bees that are hanging around all over each and every flower on my obedient plant. The bees that I missed and that I wished would return. Well, they're back. And I really am glad to see them. Let's just say that my recent bad experience with the mean bees has left me a little jumpier than usual.

In other news...
I have once again completely forgotten whatever it was that was so earth-shattering that I just had to post immediately for all the world to see...

But there is this - after lunch I'm going on a soccer cleat hunt. Bella and Ryan tried on their shoes last night and none of them fit. Before I go buy new ones, I need to find the other pair that Ryan wore in his first year because they just might fit Bella now. But I have absolutely no idea where they might be or if they even exist. I may just be imagining that other phantom pair of soccer cleats. And I have to find them today because Bella has practice tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh the craziness of our world

So I'm just sitting here watching the news... there is a story on about how we are driving less which has reduced the amount of money the state has collected in taxes. So now we don't have enough money to pay for road repairs and maintenance.

So... we should drive less because it's bad for the environment. But wait - don't stop! Keep driving because we need the tax money!

Some sort of proposed solution regarding tolls with congestion penalties (much higher prices during peak hours) which should discourage people from driving so much during rush hour. I'm assuming that means that the idea behind the congestion penalties is to switch us to mass transit or carpooling.

So which is it? Should we drive more or drive less? Make up your mind, government dudes!

In other news...
*School has started. Two days down, two days left for this week. So far no one is tired but me. Waking up earlier and staying busy all day - why isn't it making them tired?!?! I just don't understand and really I don't think it's fair at all.

*I made a poor choice today... I chose to buy a latte at Starbucks this afternoon while I was at Safeway with Felisa. So now I am exhausted but not the least bit sleepy. Darn it all anyway.

*We are supposed to be having a block-wide yard sale this Saturday. Hurricane Hanna is also scheduled to be in the area on Saturday. Unfortunately I think hurricane beats yard sale. Contingency plans are still in the works. I hope we figure out something because I have collected a very LARGE amount of junk, I mean fine used items, to sell. One way or another it's all leaving this house. Hopefully soon!

*While I am not sleepy, I am definitely tired. Too tired to figure out what else it was that I meant to blog about tonight. Oh well.