Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 16

Thursday, July 30, 2009

0800 Wake up. Bella is already awake. Wonder how long she has been awake and what she has been doing. She wouldn’t go upstairs on her own.

Breakfast and coffee.

Get everyone dressed so we can go to town to get the oil changed. After our oil change we went to Walmart to buy potato chips. We also found a pair of white tennis shoes for Bella’s cheer uniform but they didn’t have Felisa’s size. That would have been just too easy! I also bought two pairs of black leggings to wear under their uniforms on cold game days. After Walmart we hit the McD’s drive thru so I could get an iced coffee. Then back to Grandma’s for lunch. Grandma had almost finished our laundry by the time we got back.

After lunch I packed up the green beans Grandma gave me – yum – and loaded them in the car then cleaned out a bit of trash in preparation to drive again tomorrow.

Then it was time to go to Tegan’s house to play. The kids stopped at the park on the way so they could play on the see-saw again.

We went out to dinner tonight to Ponderosa buffet. The kids had been asking to go to a Ryan’s Restaurant buffet so this satisfied them.

After dinner we watched Wheel of Fortune then went back to play with Tegan one last time before we left town. When we got home, we all took foot baths in the kitchen sink - even me! I sure don't fit like I used to, that's for sure! But the good news is we all went to sleep with clean feet. No more black soles!

Downstairs before bed Bella said that she hoped to find Care Bear before we left tomorrow. She's lost? Yes. I told the kids to look around the bed, under the covers, etc. They found her, though I'm not sure how. The bed has a shelf headboard so there is several inches of dead space under the shelves, between the mattress and the walls. Care Bear was in there. Got lucky on that one.

Another relaxing day in Good Hope…

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