Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 2

Thursday, July 16

0630 - Alarm goes off. I am very sleepy and do not want to get up but I do anyway. After the snooze of course.

0700 - Go downstairs to get some coffee. Felisa decides to come along.

0730 - Back downstairs again with everyone to have breakfast.

0800 - Leaving the hotel for a day of fun and excitement. 1st Stop - Kentucky Derby Museum

1037 - We have finished our time at Churchill Downs. Our favorite parts:
R - making a (pretend) bet
B - the dresses
F - racing the (pretend) horse
S - seeing the horses on the track. I horses. It's actually kind of crazy how giddy and excited I was when we saw the horses out on the track.

1045 - Sonic for lunch!

1110 - Thomas Edison's House Museum - a pretty quick stop. As Ryan said when we left, "That was a small house!" And there are actually a lot of very small houses still around that we saw while driving through town.

12:30 p.m. Driving down the highway and two identical new cars from North Carolina pass me. Obviously together but I can't even begin to imagine what the deal is there. Guess I'll file that under "Unsolved Highway Mysteries".

3:27 p.m. We have finished our visit at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. We had to drive an hour each way but I thought it would be nice to see the horses up close. The girls even got to have a pony ride. We saw some retired champions as well as some girls practicing vaulting with a new horse. Our favorite parts of the horse park:
R - vaulting
B - pony ride and the playground
F - vaulting
S - the horses. All of them!

Took the scenic route home - lots of nice horse farms around here. Maybe we should move to Kentucky.

5:00 p.m. Stop at Schlotsky's for dinner. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new GPS? (Thanks, Ron!)

After dinner back to the hotel for TV, swimming, and more TV. For some reason these kids are not tired. I, on the other hand, am exhausted! Why? Why? Why?

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GrammawD said...

Hi! I am so glad Bella has ridden a pony. No doubt it will be the highlight of her whole trip. Somehow knew the kids would be swimming. Thanks for trip schedule. Darby and Cody are on big trips too!! :-) Kiss the kids. I miss them.