Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 5

Sunday, July 19, 2009

0730 – Get up. The house is quiet except for the kids playing video games upstairs. I decide to go ahead and take my shower and get ready for the day.

Fritz came home from church, made coffee and pancakes for breakfast. The kids went swimming again. Then more hanging out and playing until lunch time. Fritz had to go to work again and Logan went to a friend’s house for awhile.

The kids found a frog in the pool and decided to rescue it. We loaded up the frog into a pitcher and loaded up the kids into the car and took off for the pond at the park. He is now living happily in the pond with all the other frogs, fish, and turtles. The kids played for a bit then we went back home to make dinner. Chicken and rice - yum.

After dinner Bella wanted to swim again so they all hit the pool. D'Arcy and I sat outside and talked while the kids swam. Fritz came home from work and Logan came back from his friend's house. He was later than he was supposed to be and not answering his cell phone so got into a bit of trouble for that. Once Logan was back, all the kids went back upstairs to play more video games. Felisa fell asleep up there. We made the others go to bed at 10:30. Then finally time for bed for the grown-ups too!


Scattered Mom said...

Ooooo!! Have fun. I'm posting our trip on my blog now. :)

Glad to be home and able to eat breakfast in my pjs and drink real coffee. You'll have to dish on the hotels and restaurants...

Oh by the way, we went to a Perkins! Jake said to say thanks for the suggestion. :)

GrammawD said...

Well, you seem to be swimming your way west!! Looking forward to more pictures. Sending kisses to Bella, Felisa and Ryan....