Sunday, May 28, 2006

Beach Blogging

So here I am on a stranger's wireless connection so I can blog... we used it earlier to get a hotel room and theater tickets tonight. Big night out in the Big City with NO KIDS!!! Woo hoo! We were supposed to go last night but Felisa was sick (bronchitis) so I took her to urgent care while Ron went to his race without me.

We were supposed to go to AC last night instead to make up for the missed trip north but no rooms to be had. Okay by me - I'm a Vegas girl. AC is a poor East Coast substitute.

Went to see DaVinci Code last night. Confusing for sure. I followed the main gist of the story but was having a hard time figuring out which people were on which team and how many teams there were. Decent flick though. Better than MI:3 which I don't care to see. I wanted to see RV but Ron said No Way! DVC seemed like a good compromise.

And what is it about NJ? There are so many weird things about this state I can't even begin to tell you. And the people. Either the beach attracts different types of people than I usually see in my day-to-day life or else everyone here is different. A special subsection - NJ people. Not sure which is true but either way... here's one example - the neighbors here that built a GIGANTO beach house next door (so big it requires 2 AC units). Several things they do/own that I dislike. Big LOUD boats (was that thunder or a boat?), big loud trucks, BIG scenery blocking house... and the mom has big ta-tas that are always about to pop right out of her scant bikini top. Yikes! I had an entire conversation with her last summer as I struggled to not stare. It was hard. I'm glad she is comfortable enough with herself to dress however she wants. I'm not glad I have to see it. Glad Ryan isn't any older or there could be trouble! There's a teenage girl also. I saw a thong yesterday but was too far away to tell from the back if it was the mom or the daughter.

I like our nice SMALL beach house. Sure I wish it was air-conditioned sometimes but we got a window unit for night-time or unbearable afternoons. Don't have to cool the whole house, just the living room or a bedroom. I couldn't live in the small space on a regular basis but it's nice for vacations. Sort of forces the family to spend time together rather than spreading to the four corners of the house. Hanging out on the back patio is great except when the mosquitos are biting. And catching crabs off our dock... I don't eat them but it's fun to check a couple times a day to see how many have been caught and if any of them have escaped.

We have a kayak as well. Father's Day gift I think for Emilio last year. The kids like to go for rides in it. I enjoy early morning or evening jaunts around the neighborhood canals. Reminds me of the glory days as Waterfront Director at Sky High Ranch. Those were canoes but this is nice too. And one of the best parts... quiet people power not LOUD polluting gas power.

Freckles... Ryan has the cutest little sprinkling of freckles across the top of his cheeks. Just the right amount. So far he hasn't become covered from head to toe like I am! I was sitting on the swing the other day, reading. After awhile I had to come in because my feet were burning. I noticed this morning after my shower that I have a few freckles on the top of my feet now. At least from far away the freckles make me look tan. Well more tan anyway. It's all relative. :)

And that's all I can think to ramble on about for now...

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