Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My next career

I think my next career will be... chicken butcher! They say you should learn something new everyday. Well, today I learned how to butcher a chicken. Or should I say, I made up a way of butchering chickens. The first one (of 5!) was definitely a hack job (get it - hack job! hee hee). By #5 I definitely had a method. Cut off arms (wings) - sure would hate to get one that fights back and punches me out with an arm! Cut in half along front. Cut off legs. Cut and pull and saw off breasts while trying to avoid spine and ribs. And there you have it - one butchered chicken (please infer both meanings of butchered!). The first one took at least half an hour. By the last one I had it down to 10 minutes or less.

And now you may be wondering why I needed to maim 5 chicken carcasses in one day. Well, let me tell you... It is my turn to cook for Gift of Peace house - 4 chickens worth - plus one for the family. The benefit to having so many to do at once is that I really was able to learn and adapt and generally figure it out. If I had only done one, I wouldn't have learned anything except that I NEVER want to do that again. Instead I decided that maybe it's not so bad once you get the hang of it and at 59cents/pound it's a good deal!

And now, the oven is beeping so off I go...

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