Monday, May 29, 2006

The Trilobite Lives

and other random NY musings...

Elevator etiquette - isn't it funny how the unspoken rules are always followed. No one speaks, everyone faces the front. Fits nicely into my need for everyone to follow the rules. Gives off good vibes I tell you.

The show - Went to see I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Very funny. Interesting theater. A double-decker theater. One show downstairs and one show upstairs. We had the upstairs theater which was fun. It was a small theater and our seats were perfect (Ron says that's because we paid full price!). I really do like theater. It's different than movies. The actors appear to be looking right at you and there they were only a few yards away, right there in the flesh. One of the guys looked like Mark. Who we also think looks like Doogie Howser. Funny how we "see" him everywhere! Who knew Mark was so famous?!? One of my favorite scenes from the show was when the husband was sitting at the table just looking at his wife (who was reading the paper). She realizes he is staring and looks up and says "What?" Ron does the same thing (stares at me for no apparent reason) and I always say "What?" Of course then I tell him to stop staring because it makes me nervous. The wife in the play just smiled because she knew he was staring because he was thinking about how much he loves her. A lesson to be learned there?

Dining in NY - Yikes. Ran the whole gamut yesterday (and today). Started with a pre-show dinner at ESPN zone. There was a 20 minute wait but we didn't have time to wait so we sat at the bar. For 20 seconds. Then we left. But, we were there! Atmosphere was very American - loud, lots of TV screens, a bit chaotic.
Next stop, a Thai place a block from the theater. Quiet, decent food. While we were there we saw the waiter ask a couple to move to a different table mid-meal because he had screwed up by seating a second party at the end of a long set of tables for an incoming large party. He figured out the more appropriate solution though and asked the second party who hadn't ordered yet to move over. Then the waitress brought our food and spilled the hot red curry sauce all over Ron's lap. All over his brand new pants! He had dripped something onto his other pants the night before at TGIFs and luckily we had been to the clearance rack at TJMaxx and picked up 3 new pairs of pants for about $11 each. So he had a clean pair to bring to the city. But they sure didn't last long!
Next stop - post-show dinner at Chevy's. First we fought the crowds in Times Square looking for a place to eat. Found a brewery/chophouse but they weren't serving anymore so eventually we decided on Chevy's. Mostly out of desperation and crowd-induced exhaustion. There was a one-hour wait for a table so we opted for a bar. The host told us to sit anywhere except one empty table at the front that was reserved. So we found an empty table in the back corner. Then the host came and told us he already had people coming for that table. He did promise to find us a table in just a minute, which he did. We had a table, ordered dinnner. The salsa never arrived - apparently they ran out. We watched the table next to us wait about 5 minutes for soup spoons. The place was packed so we had to wait a long time for the food. It was good but we were both tired and I was definitely suffering from over-stimulation!
Next stop - breakfast at Jimmy's Diner. I had opted for coffee/danish from Starbucks but Ron wanted a big breakfast. He even said I could watch him while he ate a big breakfast. Ha Ha. So we found the diner. Quiet, decent looking place. Ordered breakfast. It came. I took a bite of my omelet then decided I should butter my toast before it cooled too much. As I finished that task and glanced down, there upon my plate was a very alive and crawling Trilobite bug. Ewwwww! So we called the waitress over and sent it back. I have worked in food service so I know that no matter how clean things are, bugs are around. No hard feelings. But no replacement breakfast either, thank you. As it turns out, I watched Ron as he ate his big breakfast. :) Afterwards we went on a search for Starbucks...

Last stop - Starbucks. The guy misunderstood my order and made me a raspberry ice coffee. So he had to redo it. Then a big stack of cups fell onto the floor while he was making my drink. And we only had a $50 bill and he barely had enough change. Feel bad about this stop - all of it was my fault! They didn't have any danishes that I wanted so we went back to Le Croissant Shop we had passed on the way out to breakfast. Yum - Rasperry Ice Mocha and chocolate croissant! Beets trilobite-seasoned ham and cheese omelets!

And the rest of this fabulous experience will have to wait. We want to hit the road to avoid as much traffic as possible as we head back to the beach.

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