Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Memories to Be

So over at The Big Yellow House (http://thebigyellowhouse.blogspot.com/) there is a post about remembering things that have happened and about how older people will often tell young mothers out in public, surrounded by baby monsters, I mean children, that these are the best years and we should enjoy them. One of the comments to the post came from a lady who had been told, "These years are much better as memories." Ah-ha! That must be what they are really trying to say, I think. And put that way it seems a lot better, a lot easier to understand and appreciate. Because as great as it may be to live 24/7 with these miracles of God/creatures from the black lagoon, the daily drudgery of laundry, cooking, dishes, etc. mixed in with emergencies (big head-to-toe blowout 3 seconds before walking out the door to church, children running away to Grandma's house down the street, being thrown up on repeatedly) it can be really hard to revel in it. And to think that this is as good as it gets is, quite frankly, depressing. But knowing that the power of time will smooth the rough edges and make the memories golden is comforting. So here's to all these great Memories To Be!

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