Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Timeless Tale

Apparently my high school English teachers were correct when they said that Romeo and Juliet was a timeless tale. Ryan, who I'm pretty sure hasn't read any Shakespeare yet at the tender age of 6, was telling me all about the knight horses who got married. Apparently the blue horse and the red horse (blue and red are the colors of the blankets), even though on opposing teams (the Good Guys - blue and the Bad Guys - red), fell in love and had a secret wedding in the middle of the night. Now the Bad Guys are very mad because they don't have a horse anymore. Apparently they solved the problem by secretly adopting a dragon. I must say I don't remember the dragon from the original Romeo and Juliet but maybe it was edited out! In any case, the horse saga follows the main idea pretty closely I think. :)

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