Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time for Bed

You know it's time for bed, time to give up and call it a day, when you scream at the kids for wanting to eat yogurt. In my defense, it is 8:30 p.m. and all of them have already eaten dinner and most of them have had at least one snack since then. Felisa ate 3 donut holes (Daddy Dom, the Entemanns delivery man who lives around the corner was out when they passed on their walk with Eleanor and he loaded them up - a box of individual carrot cakes for Eleanor (who gave them to us), a box of donut holes, a box of mini blueberry muffin packs, and a box of mini brownie packs. Oh the calories...) a mere 5 minutes before the request for yogurt. I've been up since 5:30 this morning and going non-stop ever since, and Ron isn't home yet. Some story about it being the last night of his class so they were all going out for dinner. And so I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when asked for yogurt. I could hear the crying/whining still several minutes later so I had to come downstairs (I wasn't even in bed yet though I wanted to be - I was folding laundry) to stop it. And there was Ryan eating yogurt in front of Felisa. Helloooooo!!! Why can't you give some to your sister? He said he couldn't reach the bowls to dish out from the big container of vanilla. He could, though, had he thought it through a little, given her instead one of the small containers of yogurt which he could clearly reach, since he was eating one himself. OR he could come upstairs and explain to me that Felisa wanted some vanilla yogurt and he needed help. But no. Ah well - such is life.

Yesterday was a productive day. Here is what I did (at least what I can still remember a whole day later!)
- wake up at 8:15 (I LOVE Tues/Thurs sleep-in days)
- Pick out suit for Ron
- feed kids (Cereal and milk)
- pick out a different suit for Ron (other one had bad hem in the pants)
- dishes/clean up kitchen
- laundry
- Give kids picnic lunch in back yard (PB&J)
- get Ryan to bus stop
- tie up clematis on trellis out front (actually remembered and completed task as requested!)
- plant green bean and green onion seeds.
-Hill up potatoes to encourage more tubers (checked the internet day before to figure out what to do).
-Take bucket of good dirt/mulch to back herb garden to help with the excessive clay soil there. - Empty kitchen compost crock into big bin. Use pitchfork to stir it all up in hopes of some day actually having compost to use in the garden.
- Work on album for client. Almost done...
- Send girls on nap walk with Grandma Duffield.
- Walk Bailey to school to pick up Ryan.
- Dinner (chicken thighs with balsamic onions + one chicken breast for the thigh-hating daddy)
- More laundry
- Pull weeds in front jungle, I mean garden - get a spider bite. OUCH that stung!
- wash dirt from everyone's hands - get us all into PJs
- Put Felisa to sleep
- Watch House (while putting Felisa to sleep - always multi-tasking don't you know!)
- Convince Ron that he wants to go to Taco Bell instead of me (since we both had PJs on and his looks more like clothes!)
- Make toast with grape jelly for snack.
- do not give in to taco temptation.
- Go to bed.
- Yell at Ryan and Bella for not being asleep yet. Make Ryan sleep on blanket on floor instead of on my feet.
- Watch Texas Ranch House while going to sleep.

Are you tired yet? Let's review today...
- Wake up at 5:23. Hit snooze button
- Wake up one minute later at 5:32. (I know this is more than a minute but it sure didn't seem like it!). Turn off alarm and actually get up.
- Tiptoe to bathroom to get ready for class
- Tiptoe downstairs to leave for class. Get Luna bar, refill water bottle, find keys to bike lock, find jacket, get house key, get bike helmet
- Go outside, thankful the sun is up so I can see what I'm doing. Unlock bikes. Move Ryan's bike out of the way. Get Ron's bike out of the corner, past the car and about 3 strollers.
- Ride to class
- Lift weights for 40 minutes, run for 20 minutes ( 1.25 mi or so)
- Ride bike home. BIG hill going UP on the way home - down is definitely better!
- Lock bikes back up
- Take garbage to curb
- Make lunch for Ryan (field trip today) and Bella (staying for lunch because Ryan gets out at 1 today)
- Convince Ron to take Ryan to school on his way to work
- Send playgroup email to change locations since this week's host has sick kid
- Pick out suit for Ron
- Shower and dress
- Take Bella to school
- Farmers Market - picked up yummy croissants, pumpkin whoopie pie, asparagus, strawberries, red pepper plants, and a cantalope plant
- Take back way to eye doctor to avoid accident scene passed on the way to the market
- Get check up- everything looks good. Yea! Contacts again full-time! Must remember to schedule consult for lasik
- Go home to get cell phone and call Allie. Go different way to avoid accident again and get stuck behind tree trimmers blocking the road. Go back to 123 and wait through traffic to other back road home
- call Allie to see if it is still a good time to pick up shelf unit and costco items
- go to Allie's house, telling Felisa every other block that we are not there yet and lots of townhouses and condos look just like john's house
- relax a few minutes then help Richard carry shelf unit down 3 flights of steps (keep in mind my legs are still sore from Monday's class and tired from today's class. arms are tired too)
- shelf fits in back of van - yippee!
- go to safeway to get groceries for self and Allie plus the all-important Starbucks Raspberry Ice Mocha
- go home to put groceries away
- tell Felisa she has time to watch one Dora episode before we go to pick up kids.
- speed walk to school because there wasn't really time to watch an entire episode after all and now we're late
- wait on front steps of school for field trip busses to return so not late after all. worry about being late to pick up Bella.
- Walk through hallways, pushing sleeping Felisa in stroller, through crowds of kindergarteners and chaperones to get backpack from class room
- sneak out back door then hoof it to Bella's school as quickly as Ryan can go.
- pick up Bella - again, not late after all. close though
- walk home pushing 2 girls in stroller - did I mention that it is uphill?!?
- stop to ask neighbor if we can have the tire she left on the curb. she says yes so I push heavy stroller up hill with one hand while lugging heavy tire with other hand.
- Finally make it home. Wondering what the tire is for? Supposed to help with mounding dirt for growing the potatoes. - Take it where you can get it, right?
- Put tire in garden - perfect fit!
- Unload sleeping Bella to her bed
- Unload sleeping Felisa to my bed
- Read chapter of Purpose-Driven Life while trying to convince Felisa to go back to sleep. Doesn't work
- Come downstairs to eat lunch before I pass out.
- Allie and boys arrive. Put Bailey away in my room for the duration of their visit.
- Show Allie my client's album while trying to add more refill pages - not enough post extensions. guess I'll have to go shopping tomorrow.
- Hang out with Allie while sorting/filing my scrapbook magazine pages of inspiration
- Send Felisa to Grandma Duffield's house. Continue sorting/filing.
- Get Felisa back, send Bella to Grandma's. Continue sorting/filing.
- Make spaghetti for dinner.
- Eat dinner. Clean up kitchen with Allie (and Matthew in sling!) and Felisa's help.
- Allie and boys take off for home
- Give kids dessert
- Help Felisa change to diaper/pajamas after her accident (pee pee in my unnerwear, she says)
- Start folding laundry.
- Bella comes back. Grandma D takes all 3 kids plus grand-dog Bailey for a puddle-jumping walk around the block while I continue folding laundry - they have to try out the new water socks Grandma bought earlier today.
-Kids come back wet and happy and change into PJs (except Felisa who was already wearing them - she just gets dry socks!)
- Try to convince Ryan to get library books together for tomorrow. doesn't work - too busy playing superheroes with Bella.
- Turn on Dora and give Felisa donut holes she asked for

And that brings us up to the point where this whole blog started... me screaming at kids asking for yogurt. Unreasonable, I know. But I'm tired. Really tired. Mostly just physically exhausted. And so now I will quit complaining (though really it was more list than complaint, I think, though you may beg to differ) and head to bed. I need my sleep for tomorrow's adventures. After Thursday morning sleep in of course...

On tap for tomorrow -
- unload shelf unit before Ron leaves for work
- find extension posts for client's album
- buy brown zig marker for client to add journalling to album
- return library books
- finish cards for another client to pick up in the afternoon
- stop at home depot for post extensions (this is a maybe - hoping to find what I need at AC Moore with the marker) but if I do stop I need trellises, tomato cages, and a refill for the gas grill. Definitely need to get shelf out of the van first (are you reading this Ron?)
- get Ryan to bus stop and home from school
- make dinner
- ???


mapiprincesa said...

dude've got me beat.

She-Ra said...

don't worry - i'm the rabbit and you're the turtle. i have my bits and spurts of productivity but you do lots of things all the time. turtle is probably the wrong name since you are much quicker but it was necessary for the analogy! :)