Thursday, May 18, 2006

I give up

I give up. Let's call it a day and I'll head back to bed. The productivity levels of the previous two days were a fluke (yes I knew it was even at the time - tis the cycle of my life). And my mood today - oh boy. These kids will be lucky to survive until dinner time.

So far today...
-sleep in lasted only until 7:25. Better than 5:30 but not as good as 8:15.
- got shelf out of the car
- breakfast for the kids. Felisa had a screaming fit because I told her not to yell at me when asking for cereal. decided to feed her anyway.
-check email, edit yesterday's blog (forgot a couple things such as the spider bite that is itchy today)
-tell kids to get dressed
- shower and dress
- pry Ryan and Bella away from TV again to get library books packed up. Threatened no tv for the rest of the day if Bella didn't start helping
- finish getting ready
- pry all of them from the tv AGAIN to get shoes on and get out the door.
- get drinks for all, Ryan's backpack in case we are running late after errands and miss the bus, find AC Moore coupon (found 5 expired ones before finally uncovering this week's ad), get shopping bags, purse, load gas tank in case we go to home depot
- forgot to make Bailey go out so put her on the leash for a quick pee in the front
- bump head on car when leaning in to buckle Felisa's seatbelt. Figure this is NOT a good sign. Based on how my day has gone so far (as of this writing) I think I was right.
- head over to AC Moore
- Buy new 4th of July socks (yes the impulse bin at the front door caught me), 2 markers for client album, post extenders for client album, library pocket punch for card idea I have in mind.
- Nearly lose cart full of kids onto their heads when they decide to do a group hug with one standing in the back and one standing on the back bottom rail
- Back to car.
-Breakfast at McD's - maybe that will make me feel better. Have to park and wait for food. Not feeling better.
- Decide to skip Home Depot even though we will drive right past and probably do have enough time. Just not willing to deal with not being able to find what I want and having to wait for someone to open the gas tank cage. Oh and of course not willing to deal with dragging 3 kids around with me while already suffering.
- Go to library.
- Kids stay pretty close together and things are going fairly well until we get ready to check out. Felisa wants me to carry her so I tell Ryan and Bella to unload the bag while I get her into the sling. When I turn around again, they are putting books back into the bag on top of books that they never took out for the librarian. Apologize to librarian and figure out which is which. Felisa starts crying and thrashing because she wants to get down and help with the books. Stubborn streak kicks in and I let her kick and thrash and cry while I take care of the books. Luckily she doesn't fall out on her head.
- Back to the car. Felisa and I kiss and make up.
- Home at 10:40. Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE!!!!!!

New plan for today - Hide in my room or in my office. Finish up client's album to deliver later. Get Ryan to bus stop and home from school. Fix dinner. And nothing else. If we have no goals, then we cannot be disappointed when they are not accomplished, right?

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mapiprincesa said...

I guess that's why I choose not to go out with children--sanity's sake! Still impressive...