Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Square Cheese

Square cheese... you know, the American cheese slices that come individually wrapped. It came to be known by that name in our house to distinguish between cheese slices and string cheese. Square cheese is one of Bella's favorite snacks and just about the only way she gets any dairy/calcium! Bella likes to now fold it into four or sometimes more smaller squares then eat it while it is still folded/stacked. Felisa has also adopted this method after watching Big Sister Bella do it. I was watching them fold their cheese just now and it reminded me of how I used to also fold my cheese. The difference is that I would then peel off one layer at a time of the smaller pieces and eat them that way. I also loved to squish and fold white Wonder bread into the tiniest squares I could then peel away the flat-as-paper layers and eat them one at a time. Weird, I know. But if you know me, then you know that occasional (or frequent!) weirdness is to be expected!

And that's it for today's snack time dissertation... :)

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