Sunday, August 03, 2008

Day 15

August 3, 2008 – Sunday – Day 15

0640 Wake up

0846 Leave the house, headed for Cave of the Winds. We tried to go to Cave of the Winds last summer but the line was waaaaaaay too long so we’re trying for an early morning tour this time. As we’re headed out the door, we see a snake in the front garden.

0911 Arrive at Cave of the Winds.

1100 Leaving… good tour. Took less than 2 hours all together including a 45 minute tour and shopping time. Our favorite parts survey:

Felisa – going into the cave
Bella – the frozen waterfall
Ryan – cave bacon and the frozen waterfall
Grandpa F – “cool” cave and watching Lana hit her head (gee, aren’t brothers just so nice…)
Rosanne – cave bacon
Sheila – Tall Man’s Headache, Fat Man’s Misery (Tuck, suck, and duck. With any luck you won’t get stuck!)
Lana – No blood after hitting head and the frozen waterfalls

1118 Stop at Primos Pizza in Woodland Park for lunch. Mmmm… Chicago Deep Dish pizza…

12:37 p.m. Leaving lunch

1:04 p.m. Arrive at Florissant Fossil Beds. We shopped (of course!) and added more critters to our travelling zoo. Then we watched the movie about how the fossil beds were formed (volcanic ash trapped insects, leaves, and redwood trees). We went on a short hike but it was spitting rain so we didn’t do the whole trail.

2:38 p.m. Leaving the fossil beds.

3:00 p.m. See a very furry llama alongside the road. Makes me think of Mama Llama. But Mama Llama is much less furry and much cuter!

3:42 p.m. Back at the house.

On our way back down the mountain I checked my oil life. I’m at 20% now. Hmm. Guess I need an oil change soon. I went to Jiffy Lube and the girl there remembered me (and all my kids) from last year. After I get back from this errand we all went out to dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. After dinner there was a full rainbow and some pretty cool clouds above the mountains with the sun setting.

Once back at the house it was time to get the van back into travelling order and start the packing for our departure tomorrow.

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Scattered Mom said...

I'm glad that out of all the tourist traps there you saw Cave of the Winds, which seems to be the best one. :)

We had fun there too, it was a pretty good tour. Next time try the Molly Kathleen Gold Mine in Cripple Creek, THAT is amazing. Jake was too tired for the fossil beds so we ended up driving by and skipping them. :(