Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Day 6 - Friday - July 28, 2006

0920 - leave the house

0944 - leave Grandma and Grandpa G's house after getting lost trying to find the house. Ron says he was right, "just on the wrong side of the street". Which is true. And I also discovered that my contact list in my PDA seems to be missing a few entries. Like the entry of the address we were looking for!

0950 - UPS store so Ron can fax something for his conference next week and Starbucks for coffee!

1012 - passed an old McD's - one of the originals I think!

1030 - arrive at the Natural Science and History Museum in downtown Denver.

12:53 pm - Leave the museum. Everyone's favorite parts:
Ryan - Space Odyssey
Bella - dinosaurs and butterflies
Felisa - dinosaurs
Melissa - Black Hole movie, dinosaurs
Ron - no comment
Sheila - animals of north america

1:06 pm - see some ballerina girls dancing by a greek fountain - looks like they are having their pictures taken

1:15 pm - arrive at Jack-n-Grill for a yummy new mexican food lunch with Dar and her family. Mucho delicioso!

2:21 pm - leave the restaurant. Apparently the kids haven't developed the taste for spicy food yet - they all ate hamburgers and hot dogs!

3:15 pm - leave Scott's office after an impromptu visit. The requirements to work there are that you are really smart and have a dog. The dog must attend the interview to assess compatibility. Just kidding. There were 3 dogs there though. The kids napped in the car and Melissa talked on the phone while Ron and I were visiting. Scott's such an awesome guy. Too bad he doesn't visit us more often (or ever!)

3:28 pm - at Red Rocks. There is a 3 11 concert tonight so we can't get in to see the ampitheatre. We do find a trail that goes around the back so we get a small peek. And I have decided that my children will NEVER attend a concert. At least not without my supervision. Oh and did I mention that we saw a guy peeing in the bushes along the trail. Like walking that extra 50 feet to the portapotty was just too hard.

4:05 pm - Finish our very dusty-red cave climbing. Apparently Ron used to come climb over here when he lived in Denver as a kid.

4:25 pm - Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center. We drove past the hiking trail where you can see all the real bones still in the hillside but decided it was too hot and our kids too young to even attempt it. The visitor's center was nice and we all had fun digging in the little pit out back, discovering dinosaur bones of our own. Then we each posed for a picture in front of our favorite painted stegasaurous out front. The kids definitely need a bath tonight!

5:00 pm - headed for Littleton. Need water and gas. Lots of water! Did I mention hot and dry?

5:08 pm - lost again. The 6/70/470 junction is not that great. We've been "lost" there 3 times just today.

7:07 pm - leaving Littleton. Ron had a nice trip down memory lane. The current tenants are good - want to keep them!

7:45 pm - dinner in Castle Rock at Arby's.

8:42 pm - Monument Hill, elev. 7352 ft.

9:01 pm - saw a fox cross the road

9:08 pm - arrive at Grandpa F's house!

I had to break the news of the divorce to the kids this evening. They were asking why Grandpa had changed the house and taken everything out.

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